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Chengdu Ancient Commercial Street—Jinli Old Street

Post Time: Aug 17 2012 By Sophie Huang

Chengdu Jinli, was the most prosperous commercial street in ancient capital of Shu. In this short hundreds of meters Old Street, winery, teahouses, lodges, stage, etc…All these give a person too many things to see. Though time passes, the ancient capital of Shu—Jinli, remains its amorous feelings just like its old self. 

Too many things can be done here. Tasting the delicacies of The Three Kingdoms in a winery or a teahouse will let you aftertaste the lofty sentiments of Bashu (two acient cities in Sichuan) which has a history of one thousand years.

The noisy Jinli has distinct amorous feelings with stake and grey tile; simple, unsophisticated but explicit fashionable bars. The ancient stage drums; folk artists dressing traditional costumes cry out, how bustling it is! Clay figurine, blow sugar sculpture, egg decorating, Sichuan embroidery; all these show the exquisite skill of Sichuan People.

The trees make a pleasant shade here in summer. Invite your friends to go with you to enjoy the cool and kill time here.

Although it is noisy here, you will not feel restless. You can also see this scene that people who are sitting on the long corridor, enjoying a cup of tea, chatting, playing mahjong or fighting the Landlord under the trees. They are satisfied with their comfortable life.

A lot of red lanterns are raised in the long and narrow alleys, which make Jinli lively and festive. In early summer, the trees make a pleasant shade in the earth of Bashu.

There are story-tellers telling stories in the teahouse during the day, and singer sing a song in the evening adding to the fun. You can make a pot of tea, enjoy the shadow play, and experience Chinese history and Chinese folk arts.

A wishing tree filled with tourists’ wishes and desires can be found in Jinli Old Street.

Wuhou Temple is close to Jinli Old Street. Behind it, there is a Snack Street with all kinds of snacks which feature the most Sichuan characteristics. Tourists who are long for the Sichuan cuisine must take a visit here.

Jinli Old Street is really an ideal place to go while you are going to have your Chengdu Tours. Here, you can not only get the chance to touch the real Sichuan characteristics, experience Chinese History and Chinese folk arts, but also enjoy the leisure and comfortable life there.

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