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Feel the romantic style of Fujian Xiamen

Post Time: Oct 15 2012 By Vanessa Li

Many people go to Xiamen in Fujian to enjoy the romantic Gulangyu Island, but I think that Xiamen itself is more worth carefully taste. The city is like a small island, with a few sea-crossing bridges connecting with the mainland; Gulangyu Island is a smaller island just located in the southwest corner of it.

Many cities are directly paved floor tile in the pedestrian street, however, the Zhongshan Road is still kept that the middle is the road and on both sides are the arcade-houses. Whether specially reserved or for practical use, thus empty road lets a person feel comfortable.

These arcade-houses can shade the sunshine and stop the rain, tourists will not fear of attacks from behind while shopping in the street. On both sides of the road's construction have strong Southeast Asia amorous feelings; pink and opal is mass-tone attune, bringing pure and fresh and sweet flavor. Walking slowly in this street, you can feel a little romance.

Xiamen is one of the earliest foreign open port areas in Chinese History. It is influenced by a variety of foreign cultures; the most obvious is the embodiment of the architectural style. Here, Chinese and western styles, have extremely distinguishing feature. It tastes just as popular oolong tea, both has the Chinese green tea's fragrance, and western black tea's mellow and thick; tasteful, pure and fresh; has a style of its own.

Or, here, there are the old gate memorial arches which Zheng Chenggong once training horse race passed; there is Jukou Street which once had Gunpowder Bureau, antique porcelain shops, teahouses, traditional Chinese painting mounted lane; there are simple and unsophisticated sculptures which stands for the traditional tea culture in southern Fujian; also, there is touch screen coupons printer; various shops with most modern design sense and so on.

The roadside coffee seats, Zhangsanfeng Milk Tea, Miss Zhao's Shop, are full of petty bourgeoisie taste. The traditional food is no weakness; the Huangzehe's peanuts soup, Xiamen's famous snacks, the home cooking in the lane, also are very attractive.


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