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Sunrise on Sayram Lake, Xingjiang

Post Time: Oct 11 2012 By Vanessa Li

Lake Sayram is located about 90km from the southweast of Botala Prefecture in Urumqi of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. It is well-known as the last drop of tears and a pear on the way of Silk Road.
The Name of Sayram Lake means “a lake on the ridge” in Mongolian Language. And in Kazak language, it means “blessing”.
Hazily, I walked out of the yurt, standing in the color of the night, watching the sunglow above Syram Lake like still dreaming.

 My Xinjian Tour to Sayram Lake
The sky was decorated with blue and purple ribbons, with the shimmering water on the surface of the lake cruise, the ribbons float far and than come closely.

My Xinjian Tour to Sayram Lake

The colorful cloud falls on the surface of the lack, so beautiful.

The sunshine spills though the gaps of cloud. Group of birds flow low above the lake and shakes the sunshine and shadow. 

Above the golden surface of the lake, a group of birds flying through.

Eagle! Soar in the vast sky with cloud and mist. Which is so strong and brave. 

And now a bird fly along the dark blue lake, soar to summit above the burning cloud.

Cows on the high slop, standing in grasses and flowers looking down at its homeland. 

The colors, the beauty, is so unreal just like dream.  
The blue color together with cool braze, tranquilly blow though my face. It is so sweet. In this wonderland, there is no pyrotechnics.

The misty awning was hung with mountains, water, cloud; Remote may not and the others, horse, yurt.


There is no dust dreams, how can easily touch.
Only when the sun spring the horizon, the blue, purple dream just quietly fall away, just can use a hand to touch the side floret, by foot to try blue lake, feel their cool and fragrant.<
Finally, the sunlight shine, ups and downs fields, cascading mountains appear in the eyes, The smoke from kitchen chimneys ChaiSheng the remainder, cattle and sheep, also slowly into ears...
Peaceful the earth, and in the gray light of the dawn revival, still is quiet, like one thousand years, and there is no one to disturb.
Looking at the pair of stuning-heart painting, want to fall from the root in this, but soul seems to along with  winding road far away, walking aong the lake through the jungle in the wizard ripples in cloud top float in the sky... 

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