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The Asian first and world's second largest waterfall – Guangxi Detian Waterfall

Post Time: Oct 10 2012 By Vanessa Li

The waterfall is not strange for everyone, such as the beautiful and spectacular Huangguoshu Waterfall, comely and meaningful Huangshan Waterfall, passionate Hukou Waterfall, etc... China's waterfalls feature in grand scale, numerous category and rich hydrological resources.

In the numerous motherland waterfall group, the Detian Waterfall, which is located in the southwest Guangxi, has won the favor of people for its grand, magnificent and changeable appearance, clear and ever-flowing water. Detian Waterfall is full of twists and turns, it has enjoyed the reputation of "the first largest in Asia, the second largest in the world".

The best time to travel to the Detian Waterfall is morning and toward evening. Standing on the hills and overlooking, you can have a panoramic view of the panorama of Detian Waterfall.

When the morning sunlight cut through the aery water mist, you will feel as if in a wispy wonderland. Toward the evening, when the setting sun slants on the waterfall; the golden water pours from the green trees and cliffs, hitting layers of rocks, then the water splashes in all directions, glittering and colorful... This is really a romantic world. 

The beauty of the Detian Waterfall is too numerous to mention one by one. Let us put aside all the noisy and annoying, just get into the arms of the nature!

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