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Bamboo Rafting on Yulong River in Yangshuo

Post Time: May 31,2011 By Sophie Huang

Top China Travel spent a joyful day in Yulong River. The bamboo rafting experience was exotic and exciting. The picturesque sceneries along the Yulong River led us enter into a fairy land.

                          TCT on Bamboo Rafting                                         Yulong Bridge
Yulong River, which can be explained as “meeting the dragon” in Chinese, is located in Yulong Village in Yangshuo Guilin. The clean river that reflected the green hills and farm fields along the river bands is an ideal place for people to experience bamboo rafting.
The landmark Yulong Bridge is the scene for film “Liu Sanjie” who is regarded as the best folk singer in Guangxi Province. There are lots of hills along the river and locals prefer to give them names according to their shapes. When we were on the bamboo raft, boatman pointed out these interesting hills such as the Lion Hill, the Frog Hill, the Snail Hill, etc.

                                 Lion Hill                                                                  Frog Hill
The calm Yulong River is a fairy land for people to get rid of the noisy daily life and embrace the original nature. The breeze pats your face gently, the cool water washes your feet quietly, the fresh air fills your lungs, and the locals entertain your hospitably. New couples like to take their wedding photos here, foreign tourists like to spend leisure time here, and even the CCTV organization prefers to choose here for their short introduction film. During the rafting time, tourists also have a chance to see the Cormorant Fishing Show.

                                 Snail Hill                                                              Yulong River
Top China Travel likes to find more interesting China tours for our customers, to lead foreigner travelers into a 100% Chinese cultural experience activities, to tell people the brand-new views of China tourism.
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