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My trip to Jiuzhai Valley

Post Time: Apr 21 2011 By Janet Chan

Since 2003, I heard from one of my classmate that travel Sichuan Jiuzhaigou Valley should be as earlier as possible. I decided to choose a time to visit Jiuzhai Valley after hear her words. But 8 yrs pass, I still not come yet. Can’t wait anymore, let’s start!

I have a little altitude sickness when landing on the Jiuhuang Airport of Jiuzhai Valley. The head is dizzy and I feel like that I am walking on the cloud. By the way, Jiuhuang Airport is build at the mountain, the runway of the plane is quite short, so only the pilot who have over 20 yrs driving experience has the right to executive the flight in and out of Jiuzhai Valley.
In order to avoid the stream of people in the peak hours, we got up early and went into the valley at 0730am. And we choose the opposite traveling direction with most of the tourists. We drop off the car which provided by the scenic spot at Mirror Lake. Here is the biggest mirror I

have never seen! The lake is without any ripple in the early morning. The snow mountain was reflected on the lake, green hill and blue water, this is the picture which only could see in the picture album.
Keep walking ahead, we saw different kinds of lakes and falls, they are so charming, amazing and fantastic. The lake present different colors under the bright sunshine, I am so lucky to travel Jiuzhai Valley in a sunny day.
We spent nearly 3 hours in hiking along the valley, each lake has their own features and there are lots of the fo rests, I felt that I was walking on the fairyland, everything is only appear in my dream before!
2 nights in Jiuzhaigou Valley is pass fast, I would come back again in some day in Autumn time.


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