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Have an Outing in Spring

Post Time: April 01,2011 By

Spring is a delightful season. The temperatures are moderate, and the blooming trees and flowers make the Guilin city bright with colors. This is the time when we can begin to wear lighter and more brightly colored clothes and go outdoors more often. Small children like to bring their kites out. Also, this is the season for the grave cleaning day when we go to honor our past generations. I enjoy going back to the village on this holiday after being in the city for the winter months.

In spring, the trees grow leaves overnight. All the sleeping things wake up ? primrose, baby iris, blue phlox. The earth warms ? you can smell it, feel it, crumble April in your hands.

Last weekend, my friends and I have a spring outing. It is the season for harvesting strawberry. You can taste the sunshine from strawberry. So we decide to go to Maozhou Strawberry Island which located at Daxu old town and is very near Guilin. We spend about 20min from Guilin to Daxu old town by bus. And it is cost 5min from Daxu old town to this small island by boat.

What a beautiful scene when we saw the Strawberry field. Besides, there is a great stretch of celery field. Show the pictures:


Celery field
The strawberry was not the only thing we gained that day. We also gained sunshine, fresh air, friendship, and so much fun.

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