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Appreciate "ancient China's four beauties" in Xinjiang

Post Time: Oct 30 2012 By Vanessa Li

When talking about Xinjiang, you must think there are boundless desert, sheer mountains, gobi and desolated beaches, ancient city, and so on; it will be difficult to compare them with southern picturesque scenery. However, Xinjiang's unique scenery of river, lake, and sea is stunning. Xinjiang's four lakes are Tianchi Lake, Bosten Lake, Sayram Lake, Kanas lake,which are said to be the four beauties in ancient China including Diau Charn, Yang Kuei Fei, Wang Chao-chuen and Xi Shi. Tianchi can be comparable with Diau Charn, luxury, bright and beautiful; Bosten Lake is like Yang Kuei Fei, dignified and elegant; Sayram Lake is like Wang Chao-chuen, elegant and deep; Kanas Lake is like Xi Shi, lithe and graceful and calm.

Diau Charn - Tianchi Lake
The specific Tianchi Lake in Mount Tianshan attracts endless stream of Chinese and foreign tourists and becomes famous tourist attraction in the northwest border area. It is like a huge glittering and translucent sapphire; its charming scenery, flowing light and colorful lakeside, along with surrounding strange horn, ridge and ice gate, constitute a magic fairyland.

Yang Kuei Fei - Bosten Lake
Bosten Lake, is China's largest inland freshwater lake. Due to its transformation in four seasons, it gives people the feeling of dignity and elegance; to compare with Yang Kuei Fei is very appropriate. Its sunrise, sunset, morning glow, sunset glow, flat lake, moonlight; all these have extremely rich poetic illusion. This lake is one of the sources of creation of photography fans.

Wang Chao-chuen - Sayram Lake
On the way to Ili, which burst into your eyes is the Sayram Lake. The beauty of this lake is similar with "Lady Zhaojun Crossing the Frontier"; elegant and deep. You can ride a horse up the viewing deck and have a bird's eye view of the lake; through the densely mountain pines, you can see higher mountain which is full of white snow. Higher than snow mountain is proud eagle. Look back again the Sayram Lake, it is like a very bright blue gem which falls from the sky, quietly lies in the slice of grasslands.

Xi Shi - Kanas lake
"Kanas Lake" is Mongolian, meaning "beautiful, rich and mysterious". Here is famous for Kanas Lake and the surrounding mountains, grassland, white birch forest. It is known as "East Switzerland", "the photographer paradise". In autumn, Kanas Lake is picturesque. Every autumn season, the white birch forest appears a piece of golden yellow, setting off the silver snow mountain. With the white clouds and the blue sky, the lake just like a huge palette; some area of the lake have a deep color or a shallow color, or a piece of blue, or a piece of green. It is changeable with too many beautiful things.


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