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Li River Bamboo Rafting to find the most landscape in China

Post Time: Nov 02 2012 By Vanessa Li

If you have seen a piece of CNY 20, you may have an impression of the back picture of it. Reputed as the most beautiful landscape in China, Guilin scenery is not only worth CNY 20 only.

The crystal Li River turns a round in Xingping Ancient Town. So the highlight is emerged here. And the beautiful thing is always easily be memoried. So the landscape is caught by the note of Bank of China.

Most people may think the sunny day is the best weather for catching photos. But in Li River, it is not! If you are lucky enough to have a bamboo rafting from Yangdi to Xingping in a foggy day, you will catch the most beautiful moment of Li River.

Rafting on Li River in foggy day, maybe the trouble thing is that we have to wear a raincoat, but it is not a depressing thing when we see the picturesque scenery.

The weather on the river is changeable, one minute is fine while the next minute will be rain. Before we get on the bamboo raft, it is still heavy rain. While when we stand on the raft, the day turns into sprinkling. At this time, only layout of hills can be seen. The fog surrounds the peak, the river reflects the scene, it is the fairy land exactly!

The fantastic land here is looked like another Three Gorges. Compare with the sunny day, Li River now has became a Chinese painting. The shape of hills are blur, the river in my eyes are green, even if you are just a person with not rich imagination, you also can draw a picture in your mind immediately.

Probably, the representative of Li River scenery may be the “Nine Horses Painted Hill”. To find out the nine horses in different poses on the wall is always the joy for people on cruise. It is said that if you can figure out the nine horses, you will be rich and intelligent in the feature. 

When arrival Yangdi, heavy rain is coming

The pier of Yangdi, tourists are still go ahead even in this rainy day

Bamboo rafting on the river

Rafts on the bank

Cruising inside the picture

No matter they are friends or strangers, just paly with each other happily.

The joy of bamboo rafting is that we can land off the place we want to

Take a picture with Cormorant Fishing

The cruise ship from Guilin

Our bamboo raft handler

An interesting activity - catching fish

Green hills and crystal river

The hill in far away has been covered by fog

Nie Horses Painted Hill

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