Famous Shopping Streets in Xi’an

As a famous historic and cultural city, a treasure house of relics and sites, Xian is one of the highly popular tourist destinations in China for tourists from all over the world. Touring in Xian, you can breathe the historical air from all the must-see spots. Today Xian is a vibrant, modern city, but surrounded by history. Also you can enjoy the various special shopping streets in Xian. Here, we will list some information about where to go for shopping and give you some special streets in Xian.

East Street (Food and Shopping Street) 东大街

  • Address: East side of the Bell Tower, Xian
  • What to buy: antique, clothing
Xian Dong Da Jie (East Street) is one of the main shopping districts in Xian. It is packed with large malls, such as the Tangcheng Department Store and Kaiyuan Shopping Mall, and some special stores, such as Xian Overseas Chinese Store and Xian Antique Shop.
In here, you can buy all the kinds of fashionable things either the local or the international goods: clothes, shoes, bags, perfume, souvenirs, etc. Besides, you can also pick out some Xian specialties in Xian Overseas Chinese Store. This store is a special store serving overseas Chinese and their relatives with goods include famous-brand wine and cigarettes, high-quality porcelain, jewelries and so on. And Xian Antique Shop in East Street is only open to overseas customers, mainly selling pottery, porcelain, copper ware, jade articles etc.

Xian Jiefang Road Commercial District 西安解放路商圈

  • Address: Jiefang Road, Xian
  • What to buy: souvenirs, cultural items
Xian Jiefang Road enjoys the same reputation with Wangfujing Road in Beijing and Nanjing Road in Shanghai. In this place, there is a huge outdoor market that sells almost everything you could ever want! The Wanda Square here shows the prosperity of this city.

Jiefang Road Commercial District
Because Xian is the ancient capital of six dynasties, Jiefang Road, as the center of the city, is always the focus of the economy. And in 1952, government decided to widen the road and built up some national-famed commercial enterprises such as Minsheng Department Store and Jiefang Road Dumpings Restartant. Since that, Jiefang Road became the most prosperous district in Xian.
In the period from 1950s to 1990s, Jiefang Road Commercial District was shinning all the time in Xian. Nowadays, it is experiencing a re-constructed project till January in 2011. After that, we believe that it will be another brand-new commercial center for us to do shopping.

Xiangzi Temple Street (Teahouse and Gallery Street) 湘子庙街

  • Address:  West side of South Street, facing to Shu Yuan Men, and close to Coffee and Bar Street of Defu Lane in its north
  • What to buy: tea, painting

Xiangzi Temple Street
If Shu Yuan Men is full of full-bodied literary flavor, then Xiangzi Temple Street is full of light leisure tea flavor. Xian Xiangzi Temple Street is located in the west side of South Street, facing to Shu Yuan Men, and adjacent to Coffee and Bar Street of Defu Lane in its north Here in addition to thousands of years of "one of the eight immortals" Han Xiangzi Temple which is in small scale but very compact and exquisite, also here is filled with large or small coffee shop which full of the flavor of culture and all kinds of the gallery. The earliest and the oldest bookstore of Xian is right here.

Bei Yuan Men Street (Handiwork Street) 北院门

  • Address: In the back of the Drum Tower
  • What to buy: Handcraft products

Bei Yuan Men Street
Behind the Drum Tower, Bei Yuan Men Street (North Gate Street) is a street with arts and crafts, there are all features crafts, shadow play, paper cutting, cloisonne, cloth, metal accessories, and so on. Going down from the Drum tower door is Muslim Street, arts and crafts street is in the west near the inside lane.

Shu Yuan Men Street (Antique,Calligraphy and Painting Street) 书院门

  • Address: Around Bell Tower and Drum Tower, Xian
  • What to buy: Historical relics, calligraphy, paintings, antiques, jewels, and folk art

Shu Yuan Men Street
Shu Yuan Men is an ancient-style street that located behind the Steles Forest in Xian. Various crafts and arts are sold on this crowded street all year long. Shu Yuan Men is a street for hand crafted products and reflect the richness of traditional Chinese crafts. The market has a wonderful collection of oriental paintings which make a colorful display of the traditional painting styles.
It is particularly famous for its collection of calligraphy. In fact, the market is popularly known as the "Calligraphy Street". A lot of shops here carry the legacy of the ancient Chinese art. This art street is flanked by over 100 shops in the Ming and Qing styles, selling rubbings from stone inscriptions, paintings and calligraphic works by celebrities, and books of ancient seals.

Xian Wenbaozhai Shopping Center 文宝斋

  • Address: 25 Yanta Road with the Big Wild Goose Pagoda in the south
  • What to buy: artwork, painting
Built in 1980 and situated in Yanta Raod with the Big Wild Goose Pagoda in the south, Wenbaozhai Shopping Center is a window for people both in Xian and the world. And Xian Wenbaozhai Shopping Center is one of the oldest fixed tour shops that open for overseas tourists.
The goods in this center are mainly antiques and artworks. In this tour shopping center, you can find many typical Chinese historical and cultural items, such as silk cloths, woolen blankets, jewelry, jade, calligraphies, paintings, vases, models of clay figures of warriors and horses, and bronze cars and horses and other antiques or historical relics. There more than 200 sorts of commodities which are all covered with historical flavors. In this shopping center, customers can appreciate the antique as well as see the whole process of doing it. This measure will give costumers a comprehensive idea of that good.
As an experienced market, Wenbaozhai Shopping Center has entertained thousands of international visitors with their superb service and high quality goods.

Antique Market (Antique Street) 古玩城

  • Address: 2 the middle of Zhuque Road, near the Small Wild Goose Pagoda
  • What to buy: antique

Antique Market 
Antique Markt is a paradise for those antique collectors with a wide range of the antiques from large furniture to small coins. Set up in 1998, it is the biggest antique market in this city. Hundreds of stores display thousands of genuine pieces, especially the utensils, which are mostly ceramic or porcelain pots in various shapes. Here, Tang tri-colored pottery, cloisonné, ancient coin, jade ware and so on are sold to customers in more than 500 shops and two halls for exchanging antiques.
No matte where you come from, the antique will be the bridge for you to make friends with Chinese people at once.

Luomashi Street (Clothing Street) 骡马市

  • Address: East Street (next to Minsheng Department Store), Beilin District
  • What to buy: Clothing

Luomashi Street
Founded in 1983, Luomashi Clothing Street gradually developed into Xi'an first professional clothing market. Since its opening, China's most fashionable, most popular dress always appear here first. At that time, in the eyes of Xi'an people, Luomashi Street is a shopping paradise and it ever lead the latest trend of northwest clothing. Now Luomashi Street is a street with buildings, the central plaza, recreational corridors, rockery waterfall, and internationalization and modernization level of the commercial pedestrian street. This street is less than 500 meters long, fixed or temporary stalls are more than seven or eight hundreds. No matter in what time, Luomashi Street is always thronged and bustling.
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