Famous Local Specialties in Xian


Handicrafts and Souvenirs

Xian have some crafts and souvenirs, such as various size replica of terracotta warriors, paper-cut art, Huxian county farmer paints, etc., and these are suitable for visitors to purchase as souvenir or gift for friends and relatives. You can buy these handicrafts in some department shop, but relatively expensive; in Shuyuanmen and the Muslim Street there is a lot of shops selling this kind of goods, and can be negotiated.
• Folk Paper-cuts
It is a time-honored folk art, a special thing that is made in a very simple way. It is nonetheless a cultural symbol of Shanbei district. The paper-cuts in Xian are highly praised by everyone in the world. Some of them are meticulously made, exquisite and delicate; some are simple, bold and unsophisticated; while others have clear-cut lines, and exaggerated patterns. All of them carry rich connotations and profound meanings, full of life interest and flavor. During the New Year period, every family will put these paper-cuts on their windows as decorations.
Nowadays, this high value fold-art form is stretching out of China. Recently many paper-cuts artists have gone abroad to show their skills and spread Chinese culture by their own hands.
Folk Paper-Cuts

• Leather Shadow Play
Leather Shadow Play, also known as "light shadow" which is a kind of ancient and unique Chinese folk opera art, and is popular in the Guanzhong area. Shadow play performance is easy and convenient in large performing fields, and its acting is exquisite and active in the countryside, is popular among farmers.
Leather Shadow Play

• Tang Tri-colored Pottery
Tang tri-colored pottery can be taken as a symbol of the prosperous Tang Dynasty. This work is famous for its bright colors, lively figures as well as its sophisticated technology. The tri-colored pottery first appeared during the Tang Dynasty, and the colors were usually of yellow, green and blue.
The images of this colorful pottery can be classified into several categories. The first type is the figures of people which mainly depict imperial maids. The figures of animals take the largest proportion of the unearthed Tang tri-colored potteries. Another type is household and everyday utensils, such as plates, bowls, kettles, bottles, and so on and so forth.As the capital of Tang Dynasty, Xian is the hometown to this treasure.
Tang tri-colored Pottery

• Replicas of Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses
You cannot take away the Qin Terracotta Army, however, you can buy their replicas when you finish your Xian tour. These mini models are exact copies of the real figures displayed in the museum. Nowadays, they have become more and more popular with tourists from home and abroad.
Replicas of Qin Terracotta warriors are not only splendid souvenirs to buy, but also the art value and the innovative ideas have made them the highlights of Xian. In addition to being a gift for your friends and relatives, it is a representative of Chinese culture and Chinese art value.
Replicas of Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses
• Calligraphy Rubbings
The long history of China makes the calligraphy culture various and mysterious. Different shapes of Chinese characters can tell you their specific stories behind them. So learning a way to write Chinese calligraphy is learning an attitude to life. If you are a calligraphy lover, you are sure to find your favorite souvenirs in Xian.
Due to the famous Steles Forest in Xian, the best choice for those visitors who are fond of Chinese calligraphy, books of rubbings from some of the most famous Chinese calligraphers can be purchased there. Steles from the Han, Wei, Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties can be found here. And most of the calligraphy rubbings sold here are copies rather than original ones, so they are rather cheap!
Chinese Calligraphy
• Straw Painting
Straw painting may be a lost-and-found art in Chinese. It is a treasure since the ancient times, but it was only recollected when the tomb of Qin Huai (an emperor) had been unearthed. Although it experienced the erosion of time, it still kept a high quality without losing its characteristics.
Due to the material of this painting, straws make the images stereoscopic. And the contents of this artwork are various, from the magnificent beauties to lively animals, from fantastic landscapes to mysterious heavens, all of these things can be included in the straw paintings. It represents the high value in Chinese art field.
Thanks to experts, after many years of their careful study, this artwork has finally been reproduced in the world.
• Lantian Jade
Lantian Jade has a history of more than 4,000 years. And Xian, an ancient city, possesses the name called "hometown of Lantian Jade". It is the same material from which China imperial jade seal (in Chinese called Yuxi) were made. The carving technology which developed and improved during Tang and Song dynasties also gained the reputation of Lantian jade.
And there are also many products that are made from Lantian jade, such as bracelets, tea sets, earrings and so on. These souvenirs are easy to carry. They can be great gifts for your friends after your Chinese tour.
Lantian Jade


Local Specialties of Food

Tourists can buy a lot of Shaanxi province local specialties in Xian of the famous native products, such as walnuts, pomegranates, thick wine, crystal cake, dried beef, etc. These local products in supermarkets generally have their own selling zone. And there are also many shops of various specialties and characteristics of dried fruits, cakes in the Muslim Street, when you buy you can make a counter-offer.
• Lintong Persimmons Pancake
The persimmons grown in Lintong District look as red as fire and as clear as crystal , hence the name Fire-crystal Persimmons. The pancakes made from the persimmons, soft and tasty, are very popular in Xi'an. It knead dough with persimmons as wrapper, and combined with Huanggui, rose, peach kernel, white sugar, crystal sugar, and fine leaf lard stirring as filling, and roast with charcoal fire. Its surface are golden, soft sweet taste, is a good food in autumn and winter season.

Afte Li Zicheng uprising in the late Ming dynasty and established Dashun regime in Xian, and then attacked Beijing. In those lean years with food shortages, farmers used Lintong persimmon and knead it with wheat flour to supply his army. Later, in order to commemorate Li Zicheng, farmers baked persimmon pancake every year. And after years of improvement it becomes a unique taste of Xian.
Lintong Persimmons Pancake
• Xian Thick Wine
Xian rich wine or Thick Wine, also known as Huangui rich wine, is a product only to be found in Xian. With a long history, the original name of this wine was mash sweet wine. And with improvements made during the Tang Dynasty, it became a popular wine and, especially at festivities, every family would like to have a taste. Being made of selected sticky rice with sugar and sweet-scented Osmanthus, the Xian Thick Wine wins many fans for its unique taste.
Nowadays, this rich wine is always used to entertain national leaders such as the former French President Francois Mitterrand.
Xian Thick Wine