Famous Antique Markets in Xian


Xian Wuji Antique Market

Address: Nanmadao lane No.5, Xian, China
Xian Wuji Antique Market opened in September 2005, is located in Xian--13 dynasty capitals in ancient time, integrating geography and human conditions, and now many commercial tenants and merchants have successively entered here.

Xian Wuji Antique Market is located in the southwest corner of Xian city, facing the Xian City Wall, close to west gate in the north, and close to Guang gate in the east, back 20 mu city garden. Antique city is composed of 10 buildings with the Han and Tang dynasties style, formed the classical garden culture mall. It is worth mentioning here that most of goods are miscellaneous aged goods. The most of porcelains in the end of late Qing dynasty and the beginning of the republic of China are imperfect, new arrival is very few, now the antique city like here is also rare in the whole country. Every Friday here also is booth, but level is not high. There are many senior players, their stuff is quite good, but if you don’t know them, they are unlikely to take out their antiques.

Xian Wuji Antique Market has a total of four layers, one floor in the underground, the ground three layers, a total construction area of 7000 square meters, there are 600 shops booths. It is the ideal place when collect lovers come to Xian to buy and appreciate the treasures of calligraphy and painting, stone, jade, antique collection.
• Market Features
Higher rate of the genuine antique, beautiful environment, and high collectors’ level

• Shopping Advices
Although Friday there is morning market, but not to need go early, shopkeepers generally only open until after 10 in the morning.
If you want to buy good things, you have better know the owner.
Things here is very miscellaneous, but in the majority with old stuff, bronze ware, ceramics, calligraphy and painting, porcelain in the Ming and Qing dynasties.

Xian Antique Market

Address: No.2 of Middle Section of Zhuque Avenue, Xian
Due to its location, local people also call Xian Antique Market another name - Zhuque Antique Market. It is a paradise for those antique collectors with a wide range of the antiques from large furniture to small coins.
Set up in 1998, it is the biggest antique market in this city. Hundreds of stores display thousands of genuine pieces, especially the utensils, which are mostly ceramic or porcelain pots in various shapes. Here, Tang tri-colored pottery, cloisonné, ancient coin, jade ware and so on are sold to customers in more than 500 shops and two halls for exchanging antiques.
If you go to this market at weekend, especially on Saturday mornings, a morning market is held here, at that time, you may meet many friends who have the common collecting interest with you. No matte where you come from, the antique will be the bridge for you to make friends with Chinese people at once.

Xian Antique Market

• Market Features
Here's some old furniture, but most of them were made of miscellaneous trees and a part of them were made of hardwood.
Market sentiment is good in here, from Monday to Sunday there is a lot of people here. The shopkeeper here have business license of the cultural relics.

Baxiangong Antique Market

Address: No.12 Beihuo Lane, Xian
The Baxiangong antique market is located in Beilin district Anrenfang. Its predecessor is the Xiaodongmen flea market, which was built in 1993. Because of its north side is a Taoist temple named Eight Immortals Temples therefore its name is Baxiangong (Eight Immortals Palace). The whole market is a two layers of archaize hall style timberwork building; a total of more than 40 stores in the mall, the underlying corridor in the middle of the central axis is the booth. Every Sunday morning there is "Guishi market" (in summer Guishi market opens around 5:00 in the morning, the winter is around 6:30).

From the beginning there is a total of 62 officially operating stores, now due to the rise of new cultural relics market makes its size shrink a lot, on the first floor the store is still maintain normal operating, on the second floor the store has spare a lot, now there are more than 40 stores continue to do business here. Antique shops here belong to conveniently small type, almost every store sell antique pottery, bronze ware, jade and Tang Tri-colored Pottery.
Baxiangong Antique Market

• Market Characteristics
1. There are too many people collect the ancient coin, and there is quite a lot of ancient coins shop, such as: National Treasure Coins Community, Changan coin club, etc.
2. Here have profound cultural deposits. The Eight Immortal Temple was founded in Song dynasty, and existing building are basically built in the Qing dynasty.

• Shopping Advice
The Baxiangong antique marke is one of the distribution center of coins antique market, from the spade-shape coins to the square hole coins, from copper coins to paper money, and silver dollar, silver ingots, etc. almost all the coins can be seen here. The Baxiangong antique marke antique mall is comprehensive which have porcelain, calligraphy and painting, furniture bronze.

Northwest Antique Market

Address: around North Section of Shuncheng East Road, Xian
Northwest Antique Market was established in April 20th, 2006. But in the early Qing dynasty, under the Xiaodongmen wall foundation was formed the antiques and flea market, it has been for hundreds of year’s history, commonly known as "Guishi market", and then Xian Daniel group was established on the basis of the original antique market. So according to this, Northwest antique market is the earliest the antique market of Xian. It has a total of three layers, a layer is underground, and two layers are in the ground, a total of more than 600 shops, is currently the largest antique market in Xian. Things here are more diverse like calligraphy and painting, porcelain, bronze ware, furniture, first floor is mainly the calligraphy and painting, picture books, picture-story book, etc., on the second floor is more antiques, and the real rate is higher. Fair time is every Wednesday and Sunday, close at 5 o 'clock in the afternoon in summer, winter at about 6:30.

Northwest Antique Market

• Market Features
Bronze: here is also the big market for coins, bronze, the north of the second floor is almost coins store. Several major Bronze shops also are on the second floor.
Picture books: picture books and comic books are highlights of Northwest Antique Market.

• Shopping Advice
On Wednesday and Sunday there is many new staffs here. If you want to find good articles, going to the second floor because there are many master. But it is the best to have someone introduced.
If you want to buy article, please be sure to take a closer look at its condition, because of the high technology of counterfeiting.