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Rou Jia Mo

Rou Jia Mo which is called meat burger or meat sandwich in English can be considered China anwer to the Western hamburger. It is a street food in Shaanxi Province in the past. This local snack could be taken as the world oldest hamburgers, since it can be traced back to the Qin Dynasty.

The original Rou jia mo was invented by Han Chinese, pork was chosen as the meat in this snack. But Islam prohibited the eating of pork, Muslims changed the pork into beef or lamb so that they could also enjoy this delicious food. Thanks to the Muslims in the ancient time, they made tastes of Rou jia mo various.

Roujiamo is a famous snack in Shaanxi (or even most of the northwest), originated in the Warring States period, and was called "cold meat" in that time. In Xian, The Fans Restaurant almost became a synonym for wax juice meat. Sauce cured meat is a kind of traditional braised pork with soy sauce used pan, but it is much tender and soft than normal pork cooked in soy sauce, taste fresh. Because of fine materials, enough condiments, suitable heat control, plus the use of old soup stock, so the sauce cured meat is different with obvious characteristics. When eating it, cutting a little piece of sauce cured meat sandwiched steamed buns, which is crisp and delicious.

Nowadays, Rou jia mo becomes a symbol of Xian catering culture, if you do not have a taste of this snack, you may be regret and plan another visit to Xian again.

Top 10 Famous and Delicious Roujiamo Snack Shop 

 Qinyu Roujiamo

Add: No.19 of East Wood Market, Beilin District, Xian
Recommended reason: This restaurant is very famous and delicious which always ranked the top 5, and it was praised as the “best” Roujiamo in Xian. Roujiamo here is really big and filled with lots of meat, paired with classical bean vermicelli soup, it is perfect. This restaurant is only open in the morning and close after noon. So if you want to eat there you must go there early.

Wangkui Sauce Cured Meat Roujiamo

Add: The Eight Immortals Nunnery in Dongguan Changlefang, Beilin District, Xian
Recommended reason: The flavor is the same as in the old time, the steamed buns are freshly made and they are crispy. The sauce cured meat is fat but not greasy, eating with steamed bun which is suitable and delicious. And when you eat it, you can order a Shaozi noodle together, these two dishes make up the special Shaanxi set meal.

Dongguan Li’s Sauce Cured Meat Roujiamo

Add: Huzhu Road (close to Zhipei Building), Xincheng District, Xian
Recommended reason: It is a strong Roujiamo restaurant, you can not only eat Roujiamo here, but also other delicious meal like noodle, soup and even various Sichuan food. The Roujiamo here is special, the most special is that it is not greasy. It is look like you eat with a dry meal in the steamed bun, but when you put it in mouth you will not taste dry, it is suitable.

 The Cheng’s Sauce Cured Meat Restaurant

Add: No.289 Fangjian Road, Fangzhi city, Baqiao District, Xian
Recommended reason: It is recommended by local people, many local people live around Cheng’s Restaurant will come here to have breakfast. When you get Roujiamo, it is warm and crispy, the fat inside the Roujiamo is tender and juicy. 

Ziwu Road Zhang’s Roujiamo

Add: North of Jianshe East Road, Beilin District, Xian
Recommended reason: Roujiamo here is famous. The steamed bun is baked onsite so it is crispy; the meat is smashed by flank of cook chopper so it is stewed to chew. 

Dongguan Jixiang

Add: No.31 Jixiang village where clost to Jixiang road, Yanta District, Xian
Recommended reason: The Roujiamo here is selling well, during the meal time the restaurant is full of people. Roujiamo here is smelling good and juicy but not greasy, eating with a bowl of Liangpi or Meat Ball soup which is really matched and delicious. 

The Zhao’s Sauce Cured Meat Restaurant

Add: No.57 Fengdeng South Road (close to Qingfeng Road), Lianhu District, Xian
Recommended reason: Sitting outside the restaurant and hearing the waiters are standing in the street crying for selling, this feeling is very living. And besides Roujiamo, Liangpi here is also a worth to taste.

 The Yuan’s Roujimo

Add: Right in front of Mijiaqiao housing estate, Gaoxin Road, Gaoxin District, Xian
Recommended reason: It is not famous but the taste is good here. And Roujiamo here is divided into two kinds of normal and superior. Roujiamo is crispy and the meat inside is fine and tender with good texture. But sometimes the fat is too much. 

The Zhang’s Sauce Cured Meat Roujimo

Add: Xiying Road (across the Lamps and Lantern Mall), Yanta District, Xian
Recommended reason: Both Caijiamo and Roujiamo taste good here, but you may need to wait in line. Soybean milk here is really excellent, which made of whole grains and is quite thick.

 Wanghuafeng Roujiamo

Add: Southeast of crossroad between Wenjin Road and Fengcheng seven road, Weiyang District, Xian
Recommended reason: The restaurant owner is very nice, and the price there is not expensive. The thick bun is baked crisply, and the meat is in good taste.

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