Famous Muslim Restaurants in Xian

There are quite a few Hui people in Xian, so also there are many Muslim restaurants. Then which restaurants are authentic and delicious? Here Top China Travel will list famous Muslim restaurants for everybody.
Fangshangren Muslim Restaurant (坊上人清真饭庄)

Xian Fangshangren Muslim restaurant now has Xian high-tech zone commercial pedestrian street, Xian Labor South Road, and Xian Ziwei pastoral city shop three big restaurants, whose business area of more than 8000 square meters, has six large banquet halls, more than 50luxurious high-end business rooms and can host 2000 people dining at the same time, is the perfect place to have dinner.

Fangshangren Muslim Restaurant

Fangshangren restaurant offers authentic halal food, mainly beef and mutton Paomo and halal food, flavor halal snack for more than 500 kinds. Fangshangren restaurant’s beef and mutton Paomo uses soften thick broth, smooth wrapper of steamed buns, its flavor is delicious and long aftertaste. Its foods of beef and mutton Paomo, basin mutton stewed sheep miscellaneous, honey cold zongzi, and dozens of varieties was named "Chinese famous snacks" and "Shaanxi famous snacks", and got excellent performance in many times in the provincial and national cooking and service competition.

Fangshangren Muslim Restaurant

Erpu Restaurant (尔卜餐厅)

It is in the middle section of Dapiyuan (Dapiyuan is a part of Xian Muslim Street), the sweet and sour fillet, crispy fried mutton, mashed garlic and broccoli is good, and the most important is that it is economical. It is in the Muslim street, the environment of this restaurant is general, but the taste is very good.
Mashed garlic is 12 yuan a small dish, which is cold vegetable dish in sauce, a little partial salty, the overall it still refreshing.

Sweet and sour fillet of Beef: 30 yuan a dish. Generally sweet and sour fillet us pork, this restaurant use beef. The chef’s skill of cutting is great, he made it into very thin slice. It is not made of tomato juice, it is starching with sugar and vinegar. Thick meat, sweet and sour sauce taste is also very general.

Crispy fried mutton: 45 yuan a dish, when waiter served this dish, from it appearance I think is special. A few pieces of fried mutton are covered with a layer of fluffy fried flour, the description is very complex, but as a whole it is very greasy. The dip is salted, mutton though tender but have heaven smell of mutton.
Erpu Restaurant

Moroccan Cuisine (摩洛哥清真餐厅)

Address: No.323 Yaogao People’s Building (close to Xincheng Square), Dongxin Street, Xincheng District
Transport: Taking bus No.4, 15, 16, 32, 46, 251, 502, 601, 603, 702

Recommended Dish: Mint Yogurt, Couscous, the Middle East Rice, Plum Mutton, Dessrt, Platter, Kebab, Spinach Almond Crisp and Mint Tea
First of all, the environment is very good, very quiet that let a person feel very comfortable; second the service is good, before having meal, waiter will help you washing your hands with rose petals water; finally, the taste is good, mint tea with sugar tastes really good. The refreshments before the meal are thin pancakes with three different kinds of sauce which is really delicious. Kebabs and the Middle East Rice are very special and very delicious. The restaurant is very suitable for dating because its environment let people relaxed.

Environment and service in Xi'an, it should be said is very good. Decorate a glittering and the Middle East style. The dishes there are the Middle Eastern cuisine, the taste maybe is not so amazing, but its delicate degree is higher. Its price is high but there is an advantage that you do not pay the service charge.

Moroccan Cuisine

Mukam Xinjiang Restaurant (木卡姆新疆餐厅)

Mukam Xinjiang Restaurant, located close to lakeside of Zhangba road Yongyang Park, is a restaurant of Xinjiang cuisine. Restaurant with beautiful environment, the decoration is simple and easy, tables and chairs are clean and neat. The whole restaurant is full of Xinjiang flavor. Restaurant dishes are various, such as hand pilaf, big plate of chicken, naan wrapped meat are all characteristics cuisines of Mukam Xinjiang Restaurant. The waiter attitude is very good with patience to treat guest.
Because it is next to lake in Yongyang Park, the scenery outside is very good, internal decoration is full-bodied in Xinjiang style, about 40 yuan per capita. Hand pilaf tastes good, not greasy. Big plate chicken is a bit salty, but also is good. The yogurt drinks favorable; naan wrapped meat is good with a bit spicy. Every day there is a dish that will have a special offer with 60% discount.

Mukam Xinjiang Restaurant

Xihuayuan Halal Restaurant (西花园清真美食坊)

Xihuayuan Halal Restaurant gives priority to with Sichuan food, halal food is secondary. This restaurant opened for a long time, the business is always thriving which shows that its public praise is good and has relatively stable customer base. It dose not have distinctive flavor, but compared with general so-called food city, the taste is authentic. On the second floor of the snack, it separate itself from the Muslim Street snacks, combined with the flavor of Sichuan, make dishes become richer. People who like Muslim dishes can go to have a try. Spicy pot of fish tastes very crisp; paper-wrapped chicken is scorched outside but tender inside. Its service is enthusiastic and hospitable; the restaurant environment is also very quiet and clean.
On the first floor there are Paomo, dumplings and other snacks; on the second floor, there are two halls of large and small. The food there is mainly Sichuan taste, but not very spicy. Overall, the dishes here are in small portion size compared to other restaurants.

Xihuayuan Halal Restaurant