Mutton Paomo

Mutton Paomo is actually a blend of Chinese traditional meat cooking skills and the special products of Arabic pita. In Tang dynasty, in the capital Changan, there was gathering of talents and ancient Dashi (today's Arabians) also resided in Changan. What they bring was not only the western region of the grapes, pomegranates, and of course the Arab merchants carried the durable stored the pasta cake, now known as Tuo Tuo buns. About mutton paomo, more reliable is that in the Ming and Qing dynasties, groped for several times, absorbed the cooking method of the central Shaanxi plain snacks and with gradual improvement, becoming a favorite snack of today. 
It is hard to image what are put in this snack from its name. But from its English name mutton soup with pancake pieces, you may have a general idea of this local food. The main materials used in this snack are mutton and pancakes. The culinary art required for Pancake slices soaked in mutton soup is very carefully selected, the craft of boiling meat is very exquisite too. The mutton soup is the essence of this snack, beside the main materials, the ingredients, such as shallot, ginger, Chinese prickly ash, aniseed, fennel, cassia, etc., also play very important roles in this food.
Try to image that you are tearing a pancake into small pieces, soaking them in a bowl of the boiling mutton soup and taste them at once in a winter morning; you will know why it is a popular snack among Xian citizens.
Famous Restaurant to Eat Paomo in Xian

• The Sun’s Restaurant

Address: 364, Dongdajie, Xian
Signature Dishes: Mutton or beef Paomo, Roasted lamb leg, Muslim diet

The Suns Restaurant was founded in 1898, is a century-old restaurant in Xian. Because of its long history and ole-brand reputation, this restaurant was awarded the National Restaurant of hundred enterprises for three consecutive years in 2000, 2001 and 2002. The Suns Restaurants was also awarded by China Cuisine Association of China Famous Restaurant in 2002 and awarded the China Class 5A Green Hotel in 2004.

It was originally a restaurant which mainly provided the cake soaked in mutton or beef soup. In 1991, the first reformation of this restaurant had made it add another style of meal – the Muslim diet. And the second reformation came in 1997, this time The Suns Restaurant aimed to enlarge the boundary of its Muslim meal. It imported more Muslim diet which could be eaten in the western part of China. Since 1998, the restaurant put the focus on the material that used in the food. Besides the original meat such as mutton and beef, it also took the meat of ostrich and some other material during its third reformation.
After these three reformations, The Suns Restaurant now is operating characteristics with strong western steamed bread beef and mutton, halal dishes and snacks while the famous western nation at home and abroad.
Restaurant has been committed to promoting halal food in Western culture. All dishes have won national gold award. In this restaurant, you can have a taste to the Xian famous food, such as cakes soaked in mutton or beef soup and roast lamb ribs this comfortable environment.

• Tongshengxiang Restaurant

Address: Bell & Drum Tower Square
Signature Dishes: Muslim style dishes, Mutton or beef Paomo
Xian Tongshengxiang Restaurant is a national food and beverage industry. It was first built in 1920, located at the Bell & Drum Tower Square which lies in the center of Xian city.
Tongshengxiang Restaurant mainly operates in chipped bread in beef or mutton soup, and also provides traditional Muslims feast, local delicacies and sea food, in Chuan beef chafing dish and other nearly three hundred different kinds of dishes. In the first floor, they provides Xian Muslims local delicacies; in the second and third floor, you are provided with chipped bread in beef or mutton soup and Muslim feast; and in the forth floor, they firstly provides Qin Chuan hot pot and good sea food. That just forms a pattern of combing traditional national characteristics with modern fad. And also you can reserve Muslim banquet, local delicacies banquet, meeting board and touring board here. Especially the chipped bread in beef or mutton soup is famous for its soft beef or mutton, thick soup and appetizing flavor.

There are many famous and skillful cooks in Tongshengxiang Restaurant. Tong shengxiang is known for its dish named Niu/Yangroupaomo (steamed bun soaking in beef or mutton soup). It is a tasty Xi'an specialty that consists of a beef or mutton soup served with wheat flour flat bread. The hard bread is broken up and added to the soup. Then the mixture is eaten along with pickled garlic cloves.
It has become very popular as a dish for entertaining foreign state leaders. If you come here to taste it first, you do not eat too much because it is very filling.
 The Liu’s Beef and Mutton Paomo Restaurant

Address: 200 meters northward of north Guangji Street
Signature Dishes: Mutton or beef Paomo, Soup with Pepper
In local is very famous, although appearance is not very obvious, but the inside of the environment is very good, the size is not very big, but the inside of the food or can be, the taste is good, price is not expensive, also can food component or restaurant in local is also very famous, popularity is not small, every day is very popular with the locals, the restaurant's environment is also, as the past is very clean, the restaurant is a place worth going the restaurant's service is very considerate, the waiter always smile face to meet people and is very warm.
Mutton Paomo

• The Mi’s Dayu Paomo Restaurant

Address: No.127 Xiyangshi, Beilin District
Signature Dishes: mutton paomo, stir-fry mutton paomo
The famous the Mi’s Dayu Paomo Restaurant is a hundred year old halal food restaurant, Mr Mi Dayu inherited and carried forward the ancestors of the traditional technology with a long history. The choice of material is fastidious, the process is exquisite, and therefore it can make tender meat and delicious soup. Delicate taste type, smooth steamed buns, unique flavor, it is extremely nutritious halal green food.