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Weizhou Island


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Weizhou Island is in the south of Beibu gulf island, Guangxi Zhuang Minority Autonomous Region, the largest and the geological age of the youngest volcanic island in China. Weizhou Island is a volcanic eruption of coagulation of islands, such as sea, the sea product and lava landscape, especially the southern part of the Marine volcano harbor has more features. The island in the north of Guangxi, facing the Leizhou Peninsula in the east, the southeast is adjacent to the setting sun island, south of Hainan Island across the sea, the west to Vietnam.

Vegetation cover on the island is very rich, beautiful scenery, especially the sea product of physiognomy, volcanic lava and the colorful living coral are known as the South China Sea “Penglai Island”. Weizhou Island scenery is magnificent, more famous attractions include Sanpo temple, Shengdan temple, the Catholic church and Tangxianzu viewing platform of the sea, etc.
♦ Transport
Weizhou Island is an island in the Beibu Gulf waters of the south, the tourists need to arrive in the Beihai city at first, and then go to Weizhou Island by boat. And going to Beihai generally tourists need to transfer from Nanning city.
Weizhou Island
► By air
Beihai airport has opened the flights from Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Guangzhou and other domestic flights in major cities. If there is no direct flight to the Beihai, visitors can choose to fly to Nanning first and then transfer to the train or bus, etc. to get to Beihai.

► By train
There are very little trains can be directly to get to Beihai, basically is from Nanning station then transfer to Beihai, every day there are 2 to 3 train arrived in Beihai.

There are two bus stations in Beihai, every day there are a large number of buses to go to Beihai which is more convenient.
♦ Tips
► Pay attention to diet
Weizhou Island seafood is fresh and tasty, but don’t eat too much so as not to cause the stomach discomfort, and before eating the seafood that you have never eaten, best to ask the variety of it and allergy information.

Weizhou Island is a natural volcanic island, there lack of food, most of the rice, vegetables and meat need to ship from Beihaia to the island, therefore it is limited in food and the taste might be general, if people who dislike seafood or having special needs for foods, they best to prepare food in advance.
► To protect the environment
On the Weizhou island where is remote with no industrial pollution, natural ecological environment is relatively intact, so please pay attention to protect the local environment, cherish the beautiful pure land!

► Time to choose
Do not choose May 1 or October 1st to 7th (national weeks in China), the tickets is very hard to buy back and forth, and the accommodation, eating, playing, etc on the island is much expensive than normal days. Don’t go there a few days before the May 1st and October 1st, when merchants in order to prepare for the golden week, many good things not to sell, if you want to buy it, you must pay more expensive price.

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