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Snow Jade Cave


Left Bank of Longhe River Valley, Fengdu, Chongqing, middle of China

Reasons to visit

A fantastic underground cave where stalactites of grotesque shapes are as white as snow

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Opening Hours

  • 9:00-17:00

Xueyu Cave (literally: "Snow Jade Cave") is a river water-eroded cave scenic spots of the high-quality, is the present domestic the youngest caves with a high ornamental value and scientific value. 80% of the stalactites in cave are “white as snow, quality pure like jade”, so the cave named by China association of Zhu Xuewen professor as “Snow Jade Cave”. Snow Jade Cave is a National Three Gorges Scenic Area and a National AAAA Scenic Area located in FengduCounty, Chongqing Municipality of China.


Snow Jade Cave is located in the Ghost City in the other side of the Yangtze River, in the Longhe river valleys and above steep cliffs, it is Chongqing famous cave scenic area, covers an area of 15 square kilometers, the rare animals (the monkey, wild boar, chrysolophus pictus, etc.) of scenic spot in caves are in harmony with winding river, waterfall cascades, hanging cliffs attractions, the surrounding has a long Tujia minority customs, forming the unique Longhe river culture. Snow Jade Cave is the high-quality cave in river water-eroded cave scenic spots, is also a emerging wonderful work in the Three Gorges reservoir of the Yangtze River. Snow Jade Cave has total length of 1644 meters, of which 1,161 meters have been explored as tour line.
In fact, Snow Jade Cave is a labyrinth of tunnels and crevices stretching hundreds of meters on different levels, and these complicated passages are always changing and developing. Since the cave has many levels, it has been divided into six separate parts, namely Celebrity Gathering, Heaven on Earth, Update your Life, Northland Scenery, Heavenly Mirage, and Bright Future. You may get a map showing the entire cave complex and good walking paths before entering the cave, so your visit to this labyrinth of the snow world is sure to be an exciting and unforgettable experience.


Snow Jade Cave has many unique features. Stalactites in the Snow Jade Cave grow more quickly than that of other places. Stalactites here can grow 33 millimeters in 100 years. On the contrary, stalactites in other such kind of caves only develop one millimeter in the same period of time.
The cave is located in the region famous for limestone bedrock, where water and minerals drip into the empty space from above to form wonderful sculptures in the dark. The cave’s interior is China’s only pure-white, jade-like example whilst it continues to expand due to erosion in the surrounding karst landscape. Snow Jade Cave is spread over three levels. Inside, both the 8 meters Stone King’s Flag (石旗王) and the 4 meters high Stone King’s Shield (石盾王) features are the largest of their type in the world. There are also numerous examples of corals.The surrounding area is also home to rare animal species including macaque, wild boar, and golden pheasant.

How to Get to Snow Jade Cave

1. Boarding Site:
Chongqing Four Miles Stop every 40 minutes has a shift from Chongqing to Fengdu, coach fare is 56 Yuan/person After arriving at the Fengdu, taking Snow Jade Cave scenic spot tourist shuttle bus of non-stop for 5 Yuan/person.

2. Self-driving:
The route is Downtown--high-speed along the river--the new county of Fengdu--Snow Jade Cave Scenic Spot.
Highway mileage: from Chongqing city to Snow Jade Cave scenic area takes the approximately 140 km.
Taking train from Chongqing north station to Fengdu county (China Railway High-speed second class costs 39.5 Yuan and ordinary seat for 21.5 Yuan), and then take other bus to scenic spot.

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