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Shennv Stream


Wushan County, Chongqing City, China

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An important stop along Yangtze River Cruise

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Shennv Stream, the locals called “Beauty Stream”, 15 kilometers long, because the water is rushing, shallow and narrow, including 10 km untraversed primitive valley. After the third phase of water storage, now we can explore the secret deep stream canyon, beautiful scenery and native residents “surprise” visitors. This mountain beautiful scene used to be known by only a minority of former photographer, now it becomes a new highlight of Yangtze River Cruise.

Wushan Mountain five mountains of twelve peaks scatter streams on both sides. Shennv Stream middle stream, the medial south is rising peaks, northwest is Qiyun peak. A dense forest surrounded by the clouds, the river is twisting. The scenery here has a characteris of “a sudden glimpse of another way in the mist of mountains”, and it is a wonderful gorge among so many gorges, greatness of scene. After the third phase of water storage, beautiful scenery here becomes a new bright spot of the three gorges tourism.

Shennv Stream


Shennv Stream is located in the southern bank of the Yangtze River, originated in Chongqing Guandu district Wiushan County. Upper stream is Guandu River, midstream is Ziyang River and downstream is Shennv Stream, total length of 31.9 km. Clear water of Shennv Stram and queer stones in the canyon, good vegetation, which is dreaming and like wonderland of primitive simplicity. Shennv Stream is along with the three gorges project construction and the new development of scenic spots, about 20 km from the Wushan County, located in the Shennv peak, south across the river, Wu gorge streams in mountain valley is deep, and it is in the most inaccessible original state, after September 20th, 2006 tourists can take cruise ships to visit Shennv Stream.
Scenic area scenery is beautiful, quiet and pleasant. To look for upper stream, you can reach deep sight of “thin strip of sky”, Jingtan peak scenic spot. Canyon stream becomes narrow and crowded, water is rushing, up to now no other place can match, is a tourist new destination on Three Gorges territory. A small town with only a few tens of villagers shyly shows in front of the world. Once upon a time, only a handful of photographers know whereabouts secret, now become the most attractive scenic spots along the Yangtze River three gorges.

Shennv Stream Transport

Shennv Stream is located in Wu gorge west entrance, go there must first be arrived at Wushan County.

► Waterway: from Chongqing, Yichang, Wanxian there are passenger ships to Wushan, ticket costs from 60 yuan to 100 yuan.
► Highway: Taking long distance cars from Chongqing, high speed in all the way, can arrive at there about 5 hours later.
► Trains: Go to Jianshi county of hubei province to take train first, then to transfer to Wushan shuttle bus from Jianshi county.

Shennv Stream has been developed now. Visitors can start with the Wushan County to take the ferry to Baolong town’s bluestone. Bluestone is facing with the Shennv peak, is the best place to watch the Shennv peak, and is also the intersection of Shennv Stream and the Yangtze River. And there is a cruise ship in Bluestone to enter Shennv Stream.

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