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Menyuan Rape Flower Scenic Spot


No.156 Huanghe Road, Xining, Qinghai Province, China.

Reasons to visit

One of the three most beautiful rapeseed fields in China.

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Opening Hours

  • June and July are best month.
Menyuan Rape Flower Base, located in the Menyuan county, Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Qinghai Province, it is the key oil material producing areas in the Qinghai Province and northwestern region.
Therefore, the rape flower here becomes a beautiful and splendid artificial landscape. Moreover, the planting range of rape flower is, starting from Qingshizui in Haomen Riverside in the west, Yulong beach in the Datong riverside in the east, Lenglong Mountain in the junction of Gansu Province in the north, and Daban Mountain in Gaojun in the south, it extend for ten miles. In summer time, walking into Menyuan Hui Autonomous County in Qinghai Province you will have a feeling of stepping into a natural painting.


Major Scenic Spot

Rape flower can be seen everywhere, it is very normal. But Menyuan rape flower is grand and magnificent, closing to Qilian Mountain in its north, Yulong beach in the Datong riverside in its east, it next to Daban Mountain in its south extends for hundreds miles, just like a blonde ocean. Its golden richness rape flower is close to the Haomen Riverside, spread all over the Menyuan Basin for several hundreds miles. Under the deep blue sky of plateau, it mixes together with mountain and river, the village mingles with each other in the contrast with the sky. Whether you looking from a distance or looking closely, it looks like beautiful scenery.
Most of the fields tip to the west of Haomen River, therefore, standing in the bank of river and looking both side, gold is so overwhelmingly overspread here with no end. With Haomen River running through it, this scenery just like two silver lace lined with gold waving in the wind with the Qilian Mountain in a distance. In the contrast with the blue sky, the boundless golden seems extraordinarily gorgeous what is amazing and make people imagine a lot by this simple colorful structure.
Qilian Mountain, One of the most beautiful farms in China adjoins to the Menyuan flower. The farm full of western Tibetan splendid natural grazing grounds style makes you experience a totally different feeling. Two special scenes interact with each other and give you surprise and make you feel like entering across the time-space continuum.
The early July is not the most prosperous season for Menyuan rape flower, but the color at that time is very colorful. There are pieces of green with a little slight yellow in it----which is a kind of energetic and romantic expression.
In the middle of July, in the open field, as the sun was setting under a blue sky, a golden yellow is spread all over the field, and rape flower fill in the both side of river bank of Haomen River. Menyuan rape flower is grand and magnificent, closing to Qilian Mountain in its north, Yulong beach in the Datong riverside in its east, it next to Daban Mountain in its south extends for hundreds miles, just like a blonde ocean. Rape flower here is different from the picture that Luopingduo hill shows; it draws a picture of rape flower overspread under the sky and cloud and snow mountain.

Rape Flower Festival

Time: 18th to 25th of July every year.
Menyuan in July is a paradise on earth. The eagle is circling around in this clear sky; the grass is green and the flower is red in this vast grassland, and flocks and herds as many as clouds; the mountain of Xianmilin area and flourish of woods vie with each other. 600 thousand mu of rape flower make up this marvelous spectacle of sea of flower. The sons and daughter of Menyuan who can walk and ride, who can speak and sing, hold a festival to make friends and display their talent - Rape Flower Festival of Qinlian Mountain in summer.
The golden rape flower is labeled “Menyuan oil flow in the street”, which makes Menyuan becoming a small base of rape flower and bee product of the whole province. In the end of June of 2003, base on introducing high quality planting pattern of brasicanapus, Menyuan rape flower have won the green food authentication.
If you visit Menyuan, you will find it likes a fairyland. There is a history that during flourishing age of Sui and Tang Dynasty, Emperor Yang of Sui had visit here where is the side road of Silk Road. Now when a great wind rises, here will appear an illusion of ancient battlefield over the mountain, according to local people’s description. Magic description, flocks and herds on the vast grassland, charming and dazzling imperial city, Sujitan prairie, grand and magnificent Lenglongxian modern glacier, all of these make up a unforgettable trip to Menyuan. Walking through green ocean in golden Menyuan, one cannot fail to appreciate its intoxicating atmosphere.

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