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Hailing Island


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Hailing Island is located in Yangjiang, Guangdong province, enjoy the laudatory name of “the south Beidaihe” and “the Oriental Hawaii”, has been hailed as a piece of uncarved jade. Hailing Island from 2005 to 2007 in three consecutive years was named one of “China top ten most beautiful island” by Chinese National Geography magazine. Hailing Island is embraced in sea, known as clean water, sand and sea, the sea, seafood in China. Hailing Island year-round sunshine time is long, the annual average temperature of 22.8 degrees, sunny days for 310 days, distinctive four seasons and pleasant climate, is an ideal place to travel on holiday. Hailing Island’s seafood is cheap and good.
Hailing Island
Hailing island, is a subtropical marine climate, annual average temperature 22.3 , annual rainfall of 1816 mm, 310 sunny days, winter is not so cold and summer without heat, four spring-like season, seawater bathing time for eight months long. Hailing Island has rich cultural and historical landscape, such as Taifu Temple, Lingu Temple, the Ancient Fort such as more than 10, everywhere with a tragic and moving story.
Hailing Island Provincial Tourism Resort is China’s famous island beach, long sunshine throughout the year, mild climate, rich vegetation cover, is an ideal place to travel on holiday. And Horsetail Bathing Beach covers an area of 17 square kilometers, with clear water, clean beaches, and beautiful environment and is the first rank among the tourist attractions of Guangdong province. The ten miles silver beach across one mountain is like a silver dragon lying in the Hailing Island, beach is 7.4 kilometers long, 60 to 250 meters wide, white sand and soft waves, clean water, is the rare bathing beach all over the world, all who visit here will be amazing for this. In addition to the rich and colorful entertainment activities at sea, tourists can also taste the seafood. There are more than 10 beaches for development for the bathing beach, is a pearl on the coast of the South China Sea. Abundant fishery resources in the island, is also known as the “Guangdong fish storehouse”.

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