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Dongjiao Coconut Plantation


Dongjiao Town, Wenchang, Hainan Province.

Reasons to visit

Leisure place.

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  • 8:00a.m.~6:00p.m.

Dongjiao Coconut Plantation
is about twenty-minute's ferry from Qinglan Habour. There are about 500,000 various kinds of coconut trees planted at here. Together with the winding footpath, small huts, sunshine and the sandy beach, all things create a picture of tropical marine world, making people fell relax and refresh. Visitors can have great fun here including enjoying the delicious seafood in the restaurants at the shore, trying different kinds of beach and sea sports with friends or just have a stroll along the footpath. If it happens to be a breezy day, the leaves of coconut trees will let out a sound of pleasing.

The local people say, “Wenchang produces half of the coconuts in Hainan while Dongjiao produces half of the coconuts in Wenchang.” Over 500,000 coconut trees of many different varieties grow in Dongjiao. With its thick and flourishing trees, beautiful scenery and clean water, it is a natural swimming spot, suitable for different kinds of a beach sports and maritime activities. Among other attractions and facilities are the Coconut Park, a tourist quay, and a couple of seaside holiday resorts and seafood restaurants. The shallow water along the coast produces precious aquatic products including lobsters, prawns, rockfishes and abalones. The charm of Dongjiao Coconut Plantation lies in its tropical coconut culture.

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