Bama Longevity Village

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Bama longevity village is a magical and beautiful place in the mountains of north Guangxi. Here is much longevity old man since ancient times, most of the old man is away from illness, is the famous "world longevity of the township". Tourists came here is mainly to visit the village of centenarians, get good fortune and go for knowledge of keep in good health.
♦ Introduction
Guangxi longevity village, located in the Bama Yao nationality autonomous county of the northwest Guangxi mountainous area, has existed since ancient times more than hundred-year-old, it is a fascinating and mysterious and beautiful place. The whole village has 515 people, and the centenarians as many as seven people, is nearly two hundred times that of the standard of "the world longevity of the township".
♦ Local Food
Travel to Bama longevity village in Guangxi, eating a few local specialties is definitely a great enjoyment. The secret of longevity is closely related to the Bama local ingredients. Whitebait, Heishan mutton is Bbama's specialties, and some vegetables collected from the wild in the mountains is also very healthy and delicious.

♦ Accommodation
Besides some hotels, guest houses in Bama area, going to pass winter in Bama or take a leisurely life, you have better choose hotels near Longevity village and Baimo Cave, the price is not too high to accept. If you plan to go to Bama for leisure or health maintenance must contact and book in advance. And near Bama county longevity village and Baimo Cave, the medical condition is not very good, please according to your own needs and prepare some medicine.
♦ Transport
Bama Longevity Village is located in the northwest of Guangxi with convenient highway, tourists travel to Bama, generally use Guangzhou or Nanning as a transfer station, and also you can start from Baise. There is a direct bus to Bama in Guangzhou but less shifts. Tourist in a distance far of Guangdong and Guangxi, suggesting that by plane or train to Nanning first and then transfer to a bus to get there. And tourists can also choose to drive to Bama by yourself. In Bama, going to the scenic spots is given priority to mini bus and the public bus is very convenient of what can reach each attractions.

♦ Bama Activities
There are Yao, Zhuang, and mandarin and other nationalities, creating the history and culture together, and forming the unique ethnic customs. There is Zhuang Singing Festival of March 3rd in Chinese lunar calender, acacia smoke, soil penetrating crossbow, throwing a silk strip ball of Yao minority and playing gyroscope and other primitive customs.