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Burqin-Baihaba Village


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Baihaba Village, known as the “Number One Village of Northwest China”, is located alongside Haba River - the natural border between China and Kazakhstan. It is one of the most touristy towns in Northern Xinjiang. It maintains ancient traditions, modest customs, a primitive natural environment and original features, much the same as in centuries past. Water melted from the ice-capped mountains flows through the village, dividing the greater community into two sides. However, the highlight of the place is the village itself. In autumn, the village is literally covered in yellow and gold, and the setting is so tranquil, just having a picnic in the village surrounds is an enjoyment worth the trip to Xinjiang alone!
If Kanas is primitive and simple xanadu, Baihaba is the world of fairy tales in the original natural environment, the natural landscape in Baihaba can match with Kanas, especially in autumn, here become a colorful world, the poplar leaves in the valley is golden, birch leaves in the foot of the mountain are red, the edge of the larch needles is yellow, the hills on the meadow is brown red, snowy peak, white clouds blue sky, the scenery is like a place in a paintings, a picture of breathtaking masterpiece drawing by master of impressionist.

Baihaba village is a typical figure of the original village, inhabited by the Mongolian residents- tuwa people. The Kazahkstan residents are on one side, and the Tuwa people are on the other. Despite of being separated by the river, the two groups get along well, sharing this fertile and bucolic land and enjoying their peaceful life. Baihaba composed of kazak and Mongolian people which is a primitive natural ecological and ancient traditional culture communion village, everything there is also preserve the original style and features of inherent for hundreds of years. The Tuwa maintain a close cultural connection with, and are influenced by, the Mongolian ethnic group, including with respect to their religious belief and daily way of life. They carry on their own language, Turkic, although they mainly communicate in Mongolian.The village of all buildings is built by the logs, typical of European-style village. Formed between the ceiling and roof ventilation both ends of the spire, here is a good place to storage of feed and dried meat.
Travel Tips

Traffic tips: There is no bus to this village, so transport arrangements have to be made from Kanas Going to Baihaba village need to transit from Urumqi, and then taking bus to Burqin. In major cities across the country there are flights to Urumqi.

Accommodation tip: there is not hotel around Baihaba village; visitors can choose to live in the herdsmen home, or camping. Also can choose to stay at hotels 30 kilometers from the Kanas, there are more hotels in Kanas scenic spot.

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