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What to pack for climbing Mount Everest?

If you prepare to climb Mount Everst, you should know what to pack for climbing Mount Everest. Here are some suggestions as follows:

Essential equipment:

oxygen bottles
Oxygen canisters,take five to seven bottles with you;
A sack, it is used for collect snow and ice for melting to collect ice and snow, for melting;
Wet pipes, so that you can wash you body. For avoid the pipe freezing, you should sleep with them in your tent.
A satellite phone, a GPS tracing, some foot powder and a 2-way radio.

Climbing apparatus:

Climbing apparatus are something like ice axe, harness, jumar which is a clip device using for attaching to the fixed rope and your harness.
And do not forget some other essential equipment such as karabiners, rappel device, ski poles, crampons, altimeter, head lamp, alpine climbing harness, rubbers for covering the spikes on you shoes, and goggles for the snow condition.


cloth for mount everest climb

Climbing boots should be the plastic and frost-proof boots, the base layer can keep warm. And you should prepare another pair for changing at night.
Socks: 5-6 pairs of socks. You will just use two pairs in a day, one for walking and the other for sleeping. The pairs for walking will absorb sweat about a wine-glass capacity, but they will be dried at night in your sleeping bag and can be worn the next day.
Two fleece layers: the first one will be the tight fleece tops and trousers; the second layer is one pair of thicker trousers and two thicker jackets which are all fleece.
A down trousers or suit or jackets is also necessary.
For protecting you neck from the sunburn, you need two bandanas.
Cover you face with a thin neoprene face marks and wear thick balaclava.
Protect you ears with the two fleece hats.
Prepare 2 pairs of thin gloves and wear mitt to keep you hands warm. You need several pairs of mitts.
Above all, everything you need to prepare a second set.


medicine for mount everest climb

Aspirin or paracetamol: Pain or fever
Antibiotics: Feel beaten or tired
Antihistamine: allergies such as hay fever, itch from insect bites, motion sickness
Multivitamin: Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin B1, and Vitamin B6 are suggested to bring when the dietary vitamin intake may be inadequate.
Antidiarrheal: stomach sickness.
Rehydration misture: dehydration sickness, especially for children.
Antiseptic: such as povidone-iodine for cuts.
Insect repellent, lip balm, eye drops, skin care products
Besides, don’t forget your commonly used drugs.


Your body burns up about six thousands calories each day on the Mount Everest, and because you climb the mountain, you will find your appetite decreases. So good with high calories is the best.
The food you prepare can mostly be the boil-in-the-bag-meal and also you can take lots of chocolate and biscuits.
Cooking equipment is also necessary. A non-insulated mug can warm your hands when you feel cold