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Mount Everest Travel Tips

Well-known as the highest peak in the world, the history of Mount Everest is more like a story book of brave and indomitable people. Some lost their lives on the road to the top, while some left their footprints on the peak. Since the first historic climb of New Zealander Edmund Hillary and Nepalese Tenzing Norgay in 1953, more than 2000 people have successfully climbed Mount Everest.
For travel to Mount Everest, there are several travel tips for you reference:
Routes to Mount Everest
Mount Everest Travel Tips
The routes to go to the Mount Everest from China’s Tibet:

Driving through China-Nepal highway, via Yanghu, Gyantse, Shigatse, Xegar, the journey is 670km for 2 days; and then, driving south though a simple road via Pazhuo District for 110 km, you will arrival Rongbuk Monastery at the north foot of Mount Everest. The altitude here is 5154m.
Mount Everest located at the cross-border line which is 100km from the China-Nepal Highway. It is not difficult to find a ride from Shigatse and Gyantse to New Tingri, but for the rest 100km journey from Tingri to Mount Everest, you can hardly find a ride here. So, it is more continent to charter a car or bus from Lhasa to Mount Everest.
Accommodations on Mount Everest
Mount Everest Travel Tips
Rongbuk Monastery is the only lodging around Mount Everest Base Camp. Stay in the monastery, you can view the scenery of Mount Everest in the Morning and at Night. At the gateway of Rongbuk Monastery, There is a small restaurant with lots of beer bottles in front of the Gate. The restaurant is run by a Tibetan boy. He can not speak Chinese, but you can order dishes in English and barging with him. The dishes are quite normal here but very expensive, because the food materials here are transported from the faraway Shigatse.  
There are some hotels before entering Mount Everest, such as Zhufeng Hotel, Shanghai Zhufeng Park Hotel, Baiba Hotel. These hotels are in Dingri. Occupied with warm water and washroom, the standard room here charges 330-340 RMB per room.
Regular Bus
Mount Everest Travel Tips
From Lhasa to Shigatse: take the bus at the station in west suburb of Lhasa. The bus here departs for every hour. Ticket: 85-125 RMB/P (according to the type of bus).
From Shigatse to Dingri: take the bus at Shigatse long-distance bus station. There are 2 regular buses a day. Ticket: 85 RMB/P
From Dingri to Rongbuk Monastery: Sharing car with others, 500 RMB/P. When arrive Rongbuk Monastery, take E-co car to the base camp. Ticket: 25 RMB/P
Entrance Ticket
Ticket: 180RMB/P
Environmental Protection Fee: 405 RMB for small car, 605 for big bus
E-co Car: 25RMB/P
Explanation for the Entrance Ticket:
1, “One-Ticket” policy for the whole Mount Everest Scenic Area, the price is 180RMB/P
2, For vehicles entering Mount Everest Scenic Area, there is a charge for environmental protection: Small Car: 405 RMB each time; big vehicle: 605RMB each time.
3, The carriage from Rongbuk Monastery to the base camp has been canceled, and replaced by E-co Car, Charging 25 RMB/Person.
4, According to the notification of the Tourism Administration of Tibet Autonomous Region and Tourism Administration of Shigatse, the price of ticket adjusts to 90 RMB/Person in off season.