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Hiking Route: Wohushan Great Wall

Wohushan Great Wall, located in the west part of Gubeikou Great Wall System, is in an altitude of 665 meters. The steep geography of this section makes the shape as two tigers, thus got the name "Wohu (卧虎)" meaning crouching tigers.
Wohushan Great Wall
(Wohushan location)

Wohushan Great Wall is famous for its precipitous geography. Hundreds years passed, the old Wall without renovation becomes one of the most representatives for people to appreciate the original Great Wall architectural art.
Wohushan Great Wall
Wohushan is located just opposite to Panlongshan, divided by the Beijing-Chengde Expressway. Like Panlongshan, most parts of the Wall is so deteriorated that it would be impossible to walk upon it. Only experienced guides can get on the trail to find the Wall where you can climb and enjoy the superior views from the watchtowers.

The damage level here is almost the same with other wild Great Wall. Most bricks have been tore down. And fragments spread here and there. Stepping on the uneven ground, we move towards the tower on the Great Wall slowly. When meeting a steep place, it is harder to climb up. After 5 towers, we can see the highest place of Wohushan Mountain.
Wohushan Great Wall
Wohushan Great Wall

Following our leader, we finally arrival the highest place of Wohushan Mountain, with an altitude of 705 meters. When standing on the mountain, a panorama view of the Great Wall is offered.
Wohushan Great Wall
See from the north, mountains outside the Great Wall connect with each other.

Wohushan Great Wall
See to the south, inside the Great Wall, there is Gubeikou Basin surrounded by mountains, a stream flows from the basin to the valley.