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Hiking Route: Jiaoshan Great Wall

Jiaoshan Great Wall is located 3km away from Qinhuangdao City, on the Yanshan Mountain Range. Jiaoshan is the highest peak of northern mountain of Guancheng, an altitude of 519 meters. The peak is a large flat ground which can accommodate hundreds of people to sit in the same time. And also there are two craggy rocks on the peak which look like two horns of a dragon, thus named Jiaoshan meaning horn mountain. Jiaoshan is the first mountain of the Great Wall, so people also call it “the first mountain of the Great Wall”.
jiaoshan location

The following is a Jiaoshan Great Wall hiking blog for Jiaoshan Great Wall Hiking.
Jiaoshan Great Wall

A bird view from the top of Jiaoshan Mountain. On the top, we can see the panorama view of the barrier lake, Longevity Mountain scenic area, Shanhaiguan area, and Laolongtou in a far distance.

The Great Wall inside Jiaoshan Scenic Area has been rebuilt. The rebuilt part is from No. 10 Tower and then stretches to the north direction. From the point, we pass Hanmenguan Pass, No. 1 Tower, No. 2 Tower, and ends in No. 3 Tower. We hike this part in more than 0.5 hour, less than 2km, the most magnificent section is in N. 2 Tower.

No. 3 Tower connects the Wild Great Wall. But the wild part is blocked by bricks. So we must go over the block wall and then step on the wild Great Wall. The following pictures are the wild part.

In the beginning of this route, there is still complete wall for us to hike. But when we go ahead, the road becomes more and more difficult, some places even should be climbed by hands.