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Hiking Route: Huangyaguan Great Wall

Huangyaguan Great Wall locates in 30 km away from Jie County in Tianjin City. Firstly built in Northern Qi Dynasty, rebuilt in Ming Dynasty, the rebuilt parts including Huangyaguan and Taipingzhai two scenic areas. Huangyaguan Great Wall now is one of the 10 attraction of Jinmen. It stretches to Malanyu Great Wall in Dunhua County in Hebei Province in the east, and connects Jiangjunguan Great Wall in Pinggu District in Beijing in the west. The total length is 42km with many towers.Below is the location map of huangyaguang great wall.
Huangyaguan Location

The magnificent Huangyaguan Great Wall is not only a window to see the historical stories but also a material for people to study the defence system in the past. Although it is shorter than many other parts, it is also equipped with watch towers, shelters, water-ground passes, etc..This such complete defense system forms into this part, titled as the epitome of Wan Li Great Wall and the masterpiece of Ming Dynasty Great Wall.

Which part in Huangyaguan Great Wall is the most beautiful ones?
To See A Panorama View: Taipingzhai
When standing on Taipingzhai, you can see No. 9 Tower, Phenix Tower, and Water Pass of Xinan Tower.

Water Pass (水关) is a 5-hole bridge shape architecture. It is the unique water pass in the Great Wall. Built in Yongle Period in Ming Dynasty, the total length is 75.5 meters, and 12.15 hight. Connecting Taipingzhai in the east and Huangyaguan Great Wall in the west. On the pass, there are crenels using for defense. Under the pass, there is iron fence which allows river to flow but prohibit horses and people to pass.