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Hiking Route: Dongjiakou Great Wall

Dongjiakou is the most classic part of the Great Wall in Qinhuangdao, famous as “Hanging Great Wall”. Almost 98% of the Wall is covered by forest. In this section, there are well-preserved watching towers, side walls, barrier walls. On towers and walls, the elaborate carvings and patterns are also preserved very well. Among the 18 towers, there are 9 towers are complete preserved.

Although this Dongjiakou section is relatively short, with a length of only 8.9 km, it has remained one of the best-preserved sections of the original Ming Dynasty Wall, built more than 600 years ago. 

Why Does Dongjiakou be preserved well

According to the research, the main reason for Dongjiakou well preservation is that when this part finished, Qi Jiguang ordered 3,000 hackbuteers from Jinhua Zhejiang. Aimed to stabilize the morale of soldiers, the relatives of them also were allowed to accompany with them. So soldiers could stay their well. Dongjiakou is a typical village that built for soldiers and their decadents to accommodate. People in Dongjiakou Village always protect the Wall as their family heirloom. Now, the Great Wall decadents still live in Dongjiakou Village for continuing their Great Wall protection destiny.

About Dongjiakou Village

Till now, the Dongjiakou Village is the unique village lived by Great Wall soldiers’ decadents. The villagers are only in 6 families’ names: Chen family, Li family, Di family, Sun family, Zhao family, and Zhang family.

Tips for Hikers

Best time to visit: May - Oct each year
Hiking level: Dongjiakou Great Wall is suitable for junior hikers, no is a hard hiking level for most travelers.

Dongjiakou Great Wall

Dongjiakou Great Wall
Dongjiakou Great Wall