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Badaling vs Mutianyu Great Wall: Which One Is Better?

Your trip to Beijing is not completed without a visit to the Great Wall. The Great Wall is on everyone's must-do list when travelling in Beijing, and generally speaking, Badaling and Mutianyu are the most visited Great Wall section from Beijing. They are most of the foreign travelers’ choice. But the problem also arises: which one should I visit? Badaling vs Mutianyu Great Wall, which one is better? Here Top China Travel would get you the answer by telling their difference, pros and cons.

badaling great wall

Badaling vs Mutianyu

  Badaling Mutianyu
Distance from Beijing: 70km 75km
Public transport: train, bus bus
Admission fee: Aprl-Nov: CNY40; Dec-Mar: CNY35 Adult: CNY40; Child: CNY20
Opening hours: 06:30-19:00 or 07:30-18:00 08:00-17:00 or 07:30-18:30

Badaling is more easily accessible from Beijing than Mutianyu

Badaling vs Mutianyu Great Wall: which one is better to reach? In fact, both Badaling and Mutianyu Great Wall sections are easily accessible by public transport from Beijing. But Badaling is easier than Mutianyu as Badaling can be accessible by direct bus even a train, while Mutianyu can only be reached by bus. If you are push for time, Badaling is your right choice.

Badaling: If by train, travelers can use the S2 train to Badaling Great Wall, which departs from Huangtudian Railway Station near Huoying metro stop (on line 8 and line 13)and get off at Badaling Railway Station.It takes about 1 hour for one way.

Mutianyu: No trains to Mutianyu section. You can take the tourist line bus to Mutianyu Scenic Spot at the Qianmen Tourist Center (30 meters south of Exit C of Qianmen Station of Metro Line 2) and Dongzhimen Bus Station. The bus departs at 9:00 and 8:30 every day and returns at 15:30 and 16:00.

Both are well-preserved.Mutianyu has more authentic feel

Both Badaling and Mutianyu are the best-preserved great wall section outside Beijing and have lovely sceneries, but Badaling has lots of renovation work, which also makes it less authentic. While Mutianyu has less renovation work but has more authentic feel.

However, Badaling is more famous to foreigners and domestic tourists as it is the commonly visited section from Beijing and a lots of foreign celebrities has been to Badaling Great Wall.

mutianyu great wall

Both are well-equipped and tourist-friendly

Badaling Great Wall section is the most developed section with good tourist-friendly facilities, including disabled access and carble cars for climbing, going up or down the walls, also restaurants for eating.

Mutianyu Great Wall section also provides cable cars, chairlifts for going up and down the wall as well as toboggan ride for down the wall. See more information at cable cars in Mutianyu page.

Badaling is more crowded and Mutianyu is less crowded

Badaling vs Mutianyu Great Wall, which one is better to travel? Badaling is more crowded and touristy than Mutianyu. As Badaling is more close to Beijing with easy access, it makes Badaling Great Wall the most popular section in Beijing. It is most commonly visited by domestic tourists. Especially it becomes insanely crowded during Chinese public holidays. So, you'd better avoid visiting on holidays. Just check our Chinese public holiday calendar.

Mutianyu is touristy but less crowded as it is a little bit far from central Beijing with less publich transport to it,and fewer tour group coming here. It would be good for enjoying your trip quietly.

In conclusion

Both Badaling and Mutianyu are the well-preserved Great Wall section with lovely sceneries, and worth visiting during your visit in Beijing.

Badaling has the best preserved parts and well renovated walls. It can be easier accessible via train and bus, but it is also more touristy and insansely crowded on holidays.

While Mutianyu Great Wall is more authentic with less tourists, but it is far from centeral Beijing with less transport options.

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