Why the quotations in one tour package are varied in different months?

Here we should explain the words “High Season”, “Should Season” and “Low Season”.
High Season refers to the period that the scenery in a place shows its best charms. Generally, the High Season refers to April, May, September, October and November. During this time, travelers can see the better views than the usual time. So quotations in High season are the most expensive ones in our tour packages.
Shoulder Season refers to the period that one city or some cities are not as beautiful as the high season time. But you also can savor the tastes of cities with a comparatively lower price. Generally, the Shoulder Season refers to March, June, July and August.
Low Season refers to the period which experiences the fewest tourists. In this time, colors of attractions may be paler than the rest time of the year. Visitors who prefer to join in the adventurous tour can travel in low season with the cheapest prices in a year. Generally, the Low Season refers to January, February and December.

Note for you to arrange travel time: mostly, the high season is the best time to travel to your destinations. But the prices of attractions, hotels, air tickets as well as cruise ships will be higher. And tourists will be much more in some cities. In addition, many cruise ships do not have Low Season because they do not sail in those months.
Sometimes when some special periods such as 2010 Shanghai Expo, 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, Canton Trade Fairs, may cause a special high seasons in one or some cities. The quotations in this time may be even higher than the common high seasons.

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