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When is the best time to Yangtze River?

Spring and autumn are the best season for taking a Yangtze River cruise; more specifically, April to June, and September to November are when the weather is cool and comfortable. Rainfall is particularly low in September and November. These months are the high seasons.

It is no accident that the Yangtse catchment area is the food-bowl of China; it belongs to the humid, monsoon climate of the subtropics, with abundant rainfall throughout the year, so choose your wardrobe to be prepared for possibly windy, humid or wet conditions, depending on the season.

The temperatures will average between 30C (86F) in July and 10C (50F) in January with a chance of extremes of 35C/95F and -1C/30F.

During summer, between July and September, thunderstorms are frequent and it is hot and humid. The winters are always short and cold, but winter might be considered a good cruising season despite the cold weather. In winter, prices for Yangtze River cruises are at their lowest, often only half of that in the high season. In addition, scenery in the Three Gorges is more breathtaking because of the lower water level in winter and morning mists creating atmosphere for photography.

Here we provide some advices according to seasons:

  • Spring & Autumn: light jacket or windbreaker, jeans and T-shirts. Bring a sweater and waterproof coat with hat in case of rain showers.
  • Summer: cotton T-shirts, shorts, sandals, a hat/cap, sunglasses and suntan lotions.  Rainwear in case of thunderstorms.
  • Winter: Sweaters, jeans, long-sleeve shirts, long underwear.  Warm, wind and water-proof coat for early morning and in case of rain.
  • In all seasons we suggest you bring appropriate footwear; thongs for showering, formal shoes or high-heels for Dinner, good walking shoes or sturdy sneakers for going ashore.

Usually there will be two formal nights including the Captain's Welcome Cocktail Party and Dinner and the Captain's Farewell Dinner. We suggest that you dress up accordingly for such a formal occasion. Coat and tie for gentlemen and a formal dress or gown for ladies are recommended.