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What to wear in Tibet in four seasons?

For many tourists who plan to go to Tibet, which kinds of clothes should bring with become the biggest confusion. Whether it is needed to bring a coat in summer? In this page, Top China Travel will give you a brief introduction about what to wear in Tibet in four seasons for your reference.
Travel to Tibet in spring (Mar. - May)
In spring, most of the tourists traveling to Tibet are for Nyingchi’s peach. At this time, Tibet is still slightly chill. As it is to travel outside, and will be more walk, the clothes and pants to wear should be loose and comfortable, such as sportswear or other casual clothes, comfortable shoes. This time to Tibet, you can wear a thick cotton jacket plus general thermal underwear, and for the pants, sportswear with thin long johns. Comfortable cotton underwear are best choice.
Travel to Tibet in summer (June – Aug.)
Entering summer, Tibet also enters the peak season of tourist. It is sunny with comfortable temperature. In Lhasa, during the day, you can wear long-sleeved shirt and casual trousers; Namtso also has thawed at this time. More tourists trek to Nagri, Medog and other regions. If you go to these high altitudes area, you’d better bring a sweater, jacket and other warm clothing. At these areas, the temperatures can drop to below freezing at night. The high-top outdoor shoes are more appropriate in this season.
Travel to Tibet in autumn (Sep. – Nov.)
Tibet's autumn is very beautiful. Different colors were tilted down from the mountains, many tourists hiking in Nagri or Medog and other routes. If you go to Nagri and other high altitudes areas, you need to bring sweaters, jackets and other warm clothing. These areas are usually cold at night, and temperatures may drop below zero. In Lhasa, Nyingchi and other regions, you should bring thicker coat and thermal underwear, sports pants and thinker long johns. High-top outdoor are more appropriate.
Travel to Tibet in Winter (Dec. – Feb.) 
 At this season, Nagri, Medog, Namtso and other places have snow blocking the road, not suitable for tourism. Jokhang Temple Square during the day, the sunshine is a very pleasant thing in the morning and at night temperature will reach a few degrees below zero. You need to add sweaters, down jackets, and sports pants plus thick warm long johns to resist cold. Shoes are better add cotton with moistureproof, and a hard-soled shoes are appropriate.

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