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What to Pack – Medical Kit Packing

For a trip to China, travelers should be well prepared for some small accidents such as being unacclimatized to the climate, bad appetite to the diet, stomach ache, feeling dizzy after an international flight, etc. In this kind of situation, a medical kit is needed and makes you feel secure, comfortable during the whole trip. 

Here Top China Travel would like to list some tips about what to pack for your first aid kit during your China tour.

Medical Kit Packing List

Your prescription medication: if you need to keep eating prescription medication daily, remember pack for 1-2 days standby application for any emergency. We suggest you to consult with your doctor before your China tour.

Medicine for headache/stomachache/easing dizzy:

Some people may get upset after having a long-haul international flight, and suffer from bad appetite, gastrointestinal discomfort or being dizzy. So you are suggested prepare some medicine for easing these feelings and making yourself better.

You can also find the same kinds of pills in pharmacies in China, but when you feel headache, you may lose patient to find the pharmacy at that time, let alone the communication difficulties you may encounter.

Anti-allergic Agents:

When travelling in China, you may be going to experience a totally different climate with changeable weather, dietary habit, and environment. Besides, you may be nervous or tired by moving from one place to another. Therefore, remember what things may cause an allergy on you. For example, if you visit China in spring, the flowers are in full bloom, so be very careful if you are allergic to pollen. And bring with the anti-allergic agents that work for you.  
Tools for wounds:

► Bandaids for the occasional blister from long walks.
► Anti-bacterial ointment
► Alcohol swabs
► Hydrogen peroxide or other cleaning agent for small cuts.
► Cotton swabs
► Cotton bandages
► Bandage tape
► Ace bandage for the twisted ankle that might occur on the Great Wall or other hikes.
► Nail scissors - perfect for cutting bandages and other essentials.

Medicine for high altitude destinations:

if you have tour to Tibet or some other high altitude destinations in China, we firstly suggest you to consult with your doctor carefully about this matter, because high altitude sickness may sometimes threat your life.
Oxygen and prophylaxis medicine should be carried with if directly flying to more than 3000 meters from a plain region. For examples: diuretic, sedative, adrenal cortical hormone, vitamin, etc.

♦ Things should be noted:

►  Pack properly for your China tour. Don’t bring too much or you may be suspected by China Customs
► For prescription-medication-carrying travelers, bring your medical record during your travel time.

Frequently asked question: 

Do I need to bring my medical record for China tour?

We suggest you taking your medical record when you travel in China. This medical document will provide a great help when some emergencies happen when traveling.
Information in your medical record should be a detailed as it can include contents of your blood type, allergies, vaccination record, your currently taken medication (both prescription and non-prescription), your doctor’s name, address, phone number, the name and phone number of the emergency contact, your insurance company’s name, address and phone number.
Before you begin your China tour, you can ask some advices from your doctor. Keeping remind that what should be paid attention such as the altitude matter, the weather influence and the food should not be eaten.