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What to Pack - Clothing

For travellers who plan to have tour to China, what to wear is a easy question. Just like packing a holiday to any where in the world, checking the climate and then put some casual and comfortable clothes will be fine.

Tips for packing

Comfortable clothes: clothes should be functional for sightseeing, an activity, hiking or climbing, taking public transportation. So when you prepare clothes for China tour, try to pack some clothes which can match for many situations. Lay out your wardrobe and piece together outfits so that you can get a lot of wear out of each item.

The general guidelines on clothes to pack for China in different seasons and months: 
► In spring (March, April, May): The weather and temperature of spring are changeable. It drizzles a lot. So a thin jacket is needed. Footwear is better to be durably waterproof. Prepare a heavy jacket or a thick sweater if you are going to North China in early March. 
► In summer (June, July, August): hat, cap, sunglasses, tank top, T-shirt, shorts, quick-dry clothes, scandals… 
► In autumn (September, October, November): It is generally the best time to visit China, mainly because of the mild weather with little rainfall. Long-sleeved T-shirt and shirt, casual cardigan, wind coat, jeans, etc are the best choices. South China in September is still hot, so short-sleeved T-shirt is still needed. 
► In winter (December, January, February): Of course the coat, down jacket and woolen pants are needed. And if you will do a lot outdoor sport, bring quick-dry T-shirt or underwear and waterproof jackets as well.

Daily wearing in well plan

For a tourists who may have a week or more in his China tour, a well plan for his daily wearing will cut down the weight of the luggage greatly. Here are some tips for your reference:

► Use laundry service in hotel: this service will offer you a convenient way to clean your clothe
► Bring some laundry powder: it is an alternative method if you don’t like the laundry service in hotel
► Pack quick dry clothes: quick dry clothes are a good idea, especially for daytime sight seeing wear.

Clothes for daily use

Collect clothes which can be used both in casual and formal situations. For example: a shirts inside and some different styles jacks. For sightseeing, you can just wear a white shirt with a bright color cashmere sweater. And during the night, if you have a western dinner in an elaborate restaurant, you can just change the sweater into suit jacket only. Just keep the principle that try to let one clothes meet more requirement during your travel packing preparation.


Bring suitable shoes: which kind of shoes can be the suitable shoes? Remember one thing - old shoes. Better to avoid buy new shoes in your travel time. New shoes may bring you a burden sometimes in your hiking tour such as Great Wall hiking tour.


Hand bag: Taking a hand bag for your daily sightseeing using. You can put maps, guidebooks, drinking water, purse etc. Ensure to carry your bag in front of your sight to avoid meeting thefts.
Ornaments: Top China Travel would like to suggest you that don’t wear golden or silver ornaments during your China tour, especially in night.