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What is Hada?

Hada is a unique thing that found in Tibetan custom. Hadas in Tibet are almost pure white. When you meet with the Tibetan at the first time, they will present Hada with tow hanHadads. At this time, you should receive the Hada with tow hands. This white Hada express their best wishes on many occasions, such as wedding ceremonies, festivals, visiting the elders and the betters, and entertaining guests. The white hada, a long narrow scarf made of silk, embodies purity and good fortune.
It is mostly in white, blue and yellow. There are also five-colored Hada with blue, white, yellow, green and red color. Blue refers to the sky, white refers to cloud, green refers to water in rivers, red refers to space guardian deity and yellow refers to the ground. The five-colored hada is used to worship Buddha and for making colored arrows. It is the most precious gift. According to Buddhism, the five-colored hada is the costume of Buddha, so, it can just be used in some certain condition.
Generally speaking there are 3 kinds of Hada: Special Class Neiku Hada, First Class Axi Hada, Second Class Suxi Hasa. Axi Hada and Suxi Hasa have upper, middle, lower levels. Neiku Hada is the Special Class Hada of imperial family. The Neiku Hada is wide and long with fine material. It has Great Wall pattern at edge and Eight Auspicious Badges and blessings on the Hada. It could not buy at the market in the passed.