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Tips on Avoiding Discomforts in China

Sometimes your tour may be unpleasant because of the discounts caused by the different climate, eating habits and some other factors. We can give you some suggestions to get rid of the bad mood when you are abroad.
  • Searching for enough information about the climate and weather in your destinations
  • Packing suitable clothes if your itinerary includes those destinations which have wide range of temperature in one day
  • The food bought from the street vendors may be delicious but you’d advised not eat it.
  • Informing your travel advisor about special requirement on meals in advance so that
  • Having a good rest in the hotel after your international airplane
  • Checking about the direction of the emergency exit and the safety of electricity machines in the room
  • Keeping a good mood when you find the delay of your domestic air plane
  • Do not get in close contact with animals, especially dogs, cats and monkeys to keep away from rabies