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Our High Quality Service

Top China Travel try to make all the procedures in a high quality when you begin to send us an enquiry. So how to keep a high quality in the tour service? The following aspects are what we really concerned:

♦ When Inquire
Fast Reply
► For most tour enquiries, we promise to offer the first reply within 24 hours.
► For some enquiries in an uncommon route or arrangement, we promise to offer the first reply within 48 hours
► For large group enquiries, we promise to offer the first reply within 48 hours

Written Confirmation Letter
Our tour advisors are requested to send clients the written confirmation letter when both sides finalize the itinerary and clients decide to pay the deposit based on the itinerary. It is a document which has the same legal effect as the contract between clients and TCT.

♦ When Travel
Picking at the Airport/Railway Station
Our local guides in each destination would hold a TCT welcome board at the airport / railway station or bus station. Here is the picture shows our TCT guide hold welcome board at exit of Beijing airport to meet TCT clients.

Transferring & Vehicles (Based on Private Tour)
► The private tour vehicle is only served for your own group
► Tour guide and driver are requested to follow the itinerary to offer the transferring service strictly
► The air ticket we arranged is based on economic seat. The high speed train ticket we arranged is based on second-class seat. The train ticket to Tibet we arranged is based on soft berth.
► The vehicles served in the tour are all in clean and safety conditions. See Vehicles TCT Used

Tour Guides (Based on Private Tour)
► A high quality tour guide is a key to ensure a high quality tour. So Top China Travel keeps implement a strict tour guide employing standard in the following:
► Licensed and certified by the national tourism administration
► At least 3 years tour guide experience
► Punctuality and well-dressing
More about tour guide can be see here

Sightseeing (Based on Private Tour)
► Each city will offer a tour guide who serves for your group only
► You can know more about each destination and attraction from the tour guide
► Vehicles and drivers will keep on time to transfer you based on the itinerary

► Generally, we include breakfast and lunch in the quotation, dinner excluded
► Generally, we arrange our clients to have breakfast in the hotel, lunches in local restaurants, and dinners by themselves. The restaurants we choose in the itinerary are suitable for most foreign travelers and cooperate with us for many years.

Shopping is not obligatory
- Don't feel obligated to shop. The itinerary is including one shop with its specialty at each city (place). Our guides offer shopping opportunities as a courtesy but if you're not interested, say so. Some of them may be quite enthusiastic, thinking this is what you want, so don't be embarrassed to tell them directly and immediately that you don't want to go shopping. You'll often find several attendants trying to help you make a purchase. This doesn't mean you have to buy; it's OK to say no, or just to look around.

We pay high attention to the safety of our clients in China in following aspects
Drivers: Especially on the transferring service. The transporting companies in each cities are signed contracts with us to ensure the following:
All drivers are licensed
All vehicles used in the tours should be checked before serving
All drivers shouldn’t chat or smoke or do phone call when driving

Property Safety: Property safety is also an important factor to decide whether the tour is happy or not. For avoiding the property lost when travelling in China, our tour guide will remind our clients which places should pay high attention, which places may have many thefts, etc.

Insurance: We are requested to purchase travel insurance for each clients of Top China Travel. The type of insurance is China Life Tourist Accident/Casualty Insurance, of which the policy only covers accidents that occur within China. See more terms and conditions on Travel Insurance from China Pacific Insurance (Group) Company