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Safety of Taking Train in China

According to historical data, the safety coefficient of Chinese railway is the highest of its kind in the world. Therefore it is quite safe if you travel by train in China. Furthermore, China has built the largest high speed railway system that connects almost all the top destinations in China. And it continues to expand. Many tourists now choose to travel by bullet train and find it the most convenient and safest transport, normally without any delay (if you travel to a long-distance destination, we still recommend the domestic flight). 
Nevertheless the safety issues on China trains and the railway stations are still needed to be paid high attention, mainly because of the pickpocketing, a major threat to your personal property. Thefts always hang around the crowed train station to find their targets. And on the train, take care of your stuff when you nap or fall asleep, not giving the initiative to the theft. So here we list some safety tips for foreign travelers taking trains in China.

Safety Tips in Chinese Railway Station - When Waiting for Your Train:

► Always put your belongings in front of you: considering the crowded situation in train stations, it is better to ensure all your belongings can be seen in your sight.
► The important things such as your passport, visa, wallet, etc. are needed to be packed in the bag which you always carry.
► Ensuring the train ticket in your hand and don’t show or give it to any other stranger. Because the stranger may be a cheat, he may change your ticket into a fake one.
► Before you get on the train, pay special attention to check the luggage again. The Inflammable, explosive and other dangerous goods stuff are forbidden to be taken on Chinese train, as it may be threatening the public security. 
► Wait for the train at the assigned platform and at the safe region.
Tips on rideing a train in China

When Getting on the Train

► The stairs to the platforms will ask you to carry packages up and down frequently
► Ensure your kids are following you in the crowds
► The time for getting on a train is limited, like around 3 – 10 minutes. Make sure you get on train in time, avoiding being hurt by the door when it is shut.

When on the Train

► Do keep safe and be careful to guard against theft, never leave your seat empty or unattended at any time.
► Your valuables and jewelries should be kept appropriately.
► Better not eat or drink what a stranger provides for you. And don’t tell much about your personal information. 
► Try to place your luggage on the rack or seat in sight in case someone else takes it by mistake or steals it. 
► Overnight train may have higher risks on being stolen. Read more about safety tips on China’s overnight train
► Don't lean out of the window or throw things out of the window.
► Get off the train until the moving train is stabilized.

Other Important Tips for Traveling in China by Train

  • Without doubt, bullet train is your best choice. But the comfortable train journey is within 6 hours.
  • If you have to ride a conventional Chinese train, try to buy tickets for a T-train or K-train, since they run faster than the others, of course except the bullet train.
  • The conventional trains are frequently late. Normally bullet trains arrive on time. 
  • The staff stops checking 5 minutes before the train starts. Passengers are suggested to get to the station 30 minutes to 1 hour in advance. 
  • Get your passport and ticket ready when getting on train. 
  • Retrieve your train ticket after it passes through the fare gate. The conductor may check tickets on train. Besides, you will need to get through the fare fate again upon arrival.
  • You are suggested to prepare some food, as the food on train is expensive. And most passengers find the meals on Chinese train not tasty.