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How to Plan a Trip to China from Switzerland


For Swiss travelers who want to plan a trip to China, Top China Travel here offers you a guide about how to plan a trip to China from Switzerland, aiming at helping you prepare for your China trip.

This guide tells Swiss travelers to prepare for a China trip from several aspects, like distance & flight from Switzerland to China, best time to visit China, best places to visit in China, how many days to stay in China, and travel tips about applying Chinese visa in Switzerland and China tour packages.

Forbidden City
(Forbidden City/ Beijing)


Distance from Switzerland to China

For planning a trip to China, Swiss travelers should know distance from Switzerland to China, China location, and China time. This information will help you make your China trip planning.

How far is it from Switzerland to China

Distance from Switzerland to China is 7,591 km. From Berne to Beijing, the distance is 8,070 km.

Where is China

China location: China lies in the east of Asia and west of Pacific Ocean, being a neighbor to countries like Korea, Russia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, India, etc.

What's China Time

China Time and China Location
(China Time and World Time)

Though China has 5 time zones, China Time is calculated in accordance with UTC/GMT+8, and used in all China cities. China Time won't change in summer, because it doesn't have summer time.

From April to October, Switzerland Time uses GMT+2 to calculate time, and at this time period, China Time is 6 hours ahead of Switzerland Time. For instance, 5:00 AM in Switzerland is 11:00 AM in China.


Flight from Switzerland to China

Swiss travelers who have a desire to plan a trip to China, may know that you should take flight from Switzerland to China, but you should also know flight time from Switzerland to China, and major entry cities in China. For a travel to China from Switzerland, you are advised to have a nonstop flight which will save you time and give you a good physical condition to enjoy the trip.

flight from Switzerland to China
(Flight from Switzerland to China)

Best way from Switzerland to China: flight.

Flight from Switzerland to China: nonstop flight, connecting flight.

Flight time from Switzerland to China: 10 h +.

Major entry and departure cities in China: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong.

Major departure cities in Switzerland: Zurich, Berne, Geneva.

Best flight routes between Switzerland to China: Zurich-Beijing, Shanghai-Zurich.

Flight from Zurich Switzerland to China:

  Distance Flight Type Flight Time
Zurich → Beijing 7,977 km nonstop flights 10 h
Zurich → Shanghai 9,005 km nonstop flights 12 h
Zurich → Hong Kong 9,295 km nonstop flights 11 h 35 min
Zurich → Guangzhou 9,166 km connecting flights 14 h 5 min


Apply Chinese Visa in Switzerland

Swiss travelers who are planning a trip to China, should make sure that you have Chinese visas before you fly to China. One big thing to be done in Switzerland is to apply for Chinese visa. Considering this, here gives you information about how to apply Chinese visa in Switzerland.

Chinese visa
(Chinese L-visa)

Type of visa: tourist visa(L-visa) for China trip.

Duration of stay: 30 days.

Materials for applying Chinese visa:

  • Passport valid for at lest 6 months
  • Visa application form
  • Passport photocopy                                            
  • Photo (48mm×33mm)
  • Your China trip itinerary (both flight and hotel reservations) or invitation letter
  • Application fee.

Visa fee: 70 Swiss franc for single entry visa to China mainland.

Where to apply Chinese visa:  Chinese Embassy in Switzerland, offices of Chinese Visa Application Service Center in Berne and Zurich.


Best Time to Visit China

When planning a trip to China, one thing you need to figure out at the very beginning is when to visit China.

Best time to visit China: September and October. But October 1st to 7th is a time you should avoid, due to National Holliday in China.

West Lake Hangzhou
(West Lake/ Hangzhou)

Travel to China in Spring(March-April-May):

China weather in Spring: warm with many rainy days. March could be a bit cold in the north of China.

Best places to visit in Spring in China: Dongchuan Red Land(Kunming), Chengdu Panda Base(Chengdu), Li River(Guilin).

Travel to China in Summer(June-July-August):

China weather in Summer: hot almost in everywhere, with temperature around  25°C-35°C.

Best places to visit in China: Zhangjiajie National Forest Park(Zhangjiajie), Tiger Leaping Gorge(Lijiang), Qinghai Lake(Xining), Mount Huashan(Xian).

Mogao Grottoes Dunhuang
(Mogao Grottoes/ Dunhuang)

Travel to China in Autumn(September, October, November):

China weather in Autumn: cool with sunny days.

Best places to visit in Autumn in China: Great Wall(Beijing), Longji Rice Terrace(Guilin), Mogao Grottoes(Dunhuang), Yellow Mountain(Huangshan).

Travel to China in Winter(December-January-February):

China weather in Winter: cold. The north of China is much colder than the south of China and it also has snowy days.

Best places to visit in Winter in China: Harbin Ice and Snow World(Harbin), Jade Dragon Snow Mountain(Lijiang)


Best Places to Visit in China

What are best places to visit in China where you could see pretty beautiful sceneries? China has so many beautiful places, and some of them are really worth visiting. For Swiss travelers who want to plan a trip to China, you should mark them and add them to the list of places to visit in China.

Tiger Leaping Gorge
(Tiger Leaping Gorge/ Lijiang)

Best places to visit in China: Top China Travel has listed a series of best places to visit in China according to various themes.

All-year-round best places to visit in China: Beijing, Xian, Chengdu, Guilin, Hangzhou, Huangshan, Suzhou, Lijiang, Shanghai

Most beautiful places to visit in China: Guilin, Zhangjiajie, Jiuzhaigou, Huangshan

Top hikings in China: Great Wall, Tiger Leaping Gorge, Meili Snow Mountain, Longji Rice Terrace

Best ancient towns to visit in China: Lijiang Old Town, Pingyao Ancient City, Hongcun Village, Fenghuang Ancient Town

Famous water towns to visit in China: Zhouzhuang Water Town, Tongli Water Town, Wuzhen Water Town, Zhujiajiao Water Town

Beijing: it is a very popular tourist city, famous for attractions featured with China history and culture, such as Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace and Great Wall.

Xian: a place known to the world for Terracotta Warriors, Xian City Wall, and Silk Road. Terracotta Warriors is a great masterpiece made by ancient Chinese people, listed as World Heritage, and all of you are recommended to visit Terracotta Warriors for once in your life time.

Shanghai: I bet you know something about Shanghai, right? Shanghai is a pretty big city in China, and it is a city where most foreigners like to live. In Shanghai, you could visit beautiful places like Yuyuan Garden, Zhujiajiao Water Town, The Bund, and Oriental Pearl.

Top China Travel


How Many Days to Stay in China

For a trip to China from Switzerland, how many days do you have for it, and how many days should you stay in China? The first question will leave to you, and in here, we would like to give a suggestion on how many days to stay in China.

Switzerland is not that close to China, because the distance from Switzerland to China is 7,591 km, and flight time from Switzerland to China is at least 10 hours. Therefore, a short 2-3 days trip to China is not advisable.

For a first time trip to China from Switzerland, Swiss travelers would like to have a 10-15 days trip to see many places of China. While for those who have done much work about travelling to China and have 1-2 ideal places to visit, Swiss travelers would like to plan a 5-7 days trip to China.

Great Wall
(Great Wall/ Beijing)

For a short 5-7 days trip to China, you may visit 1 place, or 2-3 places. Here are some suggested itineraries for you:

For a long 10-15 days trip to China, you may visit 3 places or 4 -5 places, and here gives you some popular itineraries:


Recommended China Tour Packages

7 Days Tour from Shanghai to Huangshan

Yellow Mountain
(Yellow Mountian/ Huangshan)

Destinations: Shanghai, Huangshan.

Highlight attractions: Yuyuan Garden, The Bund, Oriental Pearl Tower, Yellow Mountain, Hongcun Village, Tunxi Old Street.

Top Reasons: Shanghai has historical and cultural sites, and modern city views for you. Huangshan has beautiful natural sceneries, including mountainous scenery and countryside scenery.

14 Days Beijing-Xian-Guilin-Yangtze-Shanghai Group Tour

Huangpu River
(Huangpu River/ Shanghai)

Destinations: Beijing, Xian, Yangtze River(Chong to Yichang), Shanghai.

Highlight attractions: Forbidden City, Mutianyu Great Wall, Terracotta Warriors, Longji Rice Terrace, Yangtze River, Yuyuan Garden, The Bund.

Top Reasons: in this tour, you could visit the famous historical sites, climb the Great Wall, see the splendid Longji Rice Terrace, have a Yangtze River cruise, and get a panorama view of Shanghai on Oriental Pearl Tower. All of those attractions are highly recommended to Swiss travelers, which are much different from those in Switzerland, and will give you a deep impression and a great China tour.


Swiss Travelers' Review on Our China Tours

Li River
(Li River/ Guilin)

Mrs. Nur Deris Ottoman, 3 pax from Switzerland, had a long China trip with Top China Travel to Beijing, Xian, Guilin, and Shanghai, and she kindly gave her thanks to us as the following:

Dear Rebecca,

Just want to thank you for arranging this trip for the girls. They had a wonderful time. You did a great job. I will keep your agency in mind for my future trips. Thanks.

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Travel Tips in China

(TCT sales team)

While planning a trip to China from Switzerland, you may like to know more information about China, and here are some related readings for you.

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This guide deals with big things in China trip planning, and if you, any Swiss travelers who want to plan a trip to China, have encountered any problems in trip planning, you are welcome to contact us. We, surely, will help you out of trouble.