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Other Common Scams in China

Besides the street scams and taxi scams, there are also many common scams in China. Here Top China Travel would like to list some of the traps that may targe foreign tourists mostly for your reference.

Tours, Hotels, Restaurant, Shops Selling on the Road

This situation is a touting scam that may cause you a bad experience once you agree to purchase the recommended things. Generally happen like the following:

► A person on the street, or air port, or train station, or some places like that, will offer you a travel item, such as a tour, a hotel, a restaurant, a shop, etc. The price is a comparative higher one, while it may be a convenient way to get the thing you want. It could not say that all the people selling this kind of items are unreliable, but we could not deny that it is a service with risks.

Tips from Top China Travel: we don’t recommend to choose this kind of service since it is not a reliable way to get a travel service. It is better to consult with your tour guides or your hotel receptors for getting the right information of what you want.

Safety tips in China

Too Cheap Tours

Remember one sentence “it is impossible to get a reasonable quality service with unbelievable cheap price”. So if you have chance to get a too cheap price tour, it is better to think before doing that. One of the typical situations will be the fake Badaling Great Wall Tour which had occurred in Beijing, the situation is like that:

► If you have this tour, yes, you really have a chance to the Great Wall. While you just have a view of the a restored section of the Great Wall near the city called the Shuiguan Great Wall or to a minor Ming Tomb also near the city and claim that these are the genuine attractions. Not only do you waste money and time, you also miss out on seeing the genuine item which is a real tragedy.

Tips from Top China Travel: booking the tour with legal travel agents or hotels

Chinese Medicine Clinic Scam

Just like another too-cheap tour situation, this kind of scam is also using budget or too-cheap tour to attract tourists. Once the tourist choose this kind of tour, after a simple sightseeing, you will be taken to a clinic which is actually a shopping site. Firstly, the “doctor” will diagnose each one and then write down some “necessary Chinese medicine materials”. Then, whether buy or not is depending on you. The price of the material may be at over-inflated prices. It is lucky that the materials have no problem.

Tips from Top China Travel: if you really want to purchase some Chinese medicine materials, go to legal medicine shop or just tell the tour guide about this requirement.

At last, we need to say that most of Chinese people are friendly and warm-heart to tourists. There actually some small groups of cheats may give you a bad experience when travelling, while there actually some more big groups of honest Chinese people will help you when you meet difficulties in China. Just remember that local residents and people in service organizations and legal enterprises are glad to give a hand of you.