Large Group Reception Ability

Top China Travel is an experienced travel agent to handle large group tour/incentive tour for many years. Here are some large groups that we have served for.

♦ 120 Persons China Tour from Canada
This was a group formed by athletes and relatives. They were invited to attend the Nanning 2014 Artistic Gymnastics World Championships. Including to attend the event, they had their China tour with Top China Travel.
Travel Time: 2014 Oct
Yangshuo Countryside Cycling - Our clients spoke highly of the beautiful scenery in Yangshuo countryside. Although they came from worldwide, they all enjoyed the fields, the hills, the local lifestyle there.

♦ 70 Persons Incentive China Tour from Slovakia
It was a memorable group for Top China Travel. The people from Slovakia are passion, friendly, and optimistic. Although it was a tour in China, it was also a trip for TCT to know Slovakia - a cultural country with the most castles in the world. Janet, our Top China Travel tour advisor, built a deep friendship with her clients during this trip.
Travel Time: 2013 Sept
Clients From: OK Agency

♦ 56 Persons China Tour from UK
It is a special group from UK. They were members of a club named European Coaster Club. It is a not-for-profit organisation that promotes the enjoyment of riding roller coasters, as well as visiting amusement and theme parks. And in 2013, they had their China trip. 56 members enjoyed the amusements in China and left their memorable picture with Top China Travel.
Travel Time: 2013 June
Clients From: European Coaster Club
Their China Trip Memory: The Great Coaster Tour of China
Feedback: Group tour to China from UK

♦ 25 Persons Beijing Trip from Sri Lanka
It was very glad to introduce our capital Beijing to our Sri Lanka friends. Both China and Sir Lanka are cultural countries. So this trip brought a closer touch with Top China Travel and our Sri Lanka friends.
Travel Time:
2012 Sept
Clients From: World Travel Center Agency
Feedback: Sri Lanka tourist group to China with Top China Travel

♦ 93 Persons Guilin Trip from Spain
This 93 travelers group came from Spain in 2011. Our clients spent 5 days in Guilin and Yangshuo. They really enjoyed the countryside cycling experience.
Travel Time: 2011 April
Feedback: Cycling Tour in Yangshuo Guilin
Highlights: Yangshuo Countryside Cycling - most of travelers could help falling love with the scenery

♦ 133 Persons Incentive Trip from Portugal
It is a large group with 133 travelers in 2010. It is an incentive trip in Beijing for 5 days. Daniel, our Top China Travel sales, had arranged a wonderful itinerary for these European friends.
Travel Time: 2010 Jun
Clients From: Master Turismo Agency
Feedback: We have a amazing Beijing trip with Topchinatravel
► Learning Chinese Tea Culture - it is rare to see a tea house covered with more than 100 foreign visitors generally. Clients showed interests of this oriental tea culture which is totally different from the tea in UK
► Meal in Commune by the Great Wall - it was a fantastic restaurant built on the feet of the Badaling Great Wall. It is a fantastic meal in a fantastic environment.

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