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2021 China Safety Tips: Is It Safe to Travel in China? updated on May 6, 2021

Is it safe to travel in China? Certainly. Speaking of safety, China is one of the safest countries for traveling in the world. Even though it's not available for travelers to visit China from other countries, those who are in China right now can travel to most provinces in China. There isn't any high-risk area and middle-risk area at all currently in China. Let's keep reading to know some 2021 China safety tips.

Quarantine Regulations

In order to further strengthen "overseas control " and "domestic prevention and control", China has continuously upgraded prevention and control measures based on the risk level of the epidemic, and various localities have successively clarified new regulations for the isolation and treatment of overseas imported cases.  The control of the epidemic in China has stabilized, China's entry policy has also been relaxed again, but the isolation policies in various regions are still not consistent.

Many places still maintain quarantine and health monitoring for up to 28 days (14 days of mandetaory centralized quarantine + 14 days of home quarantine or 14 days of mandetory  centralized quarantine + 7 days of home quarantine + 7 days of health monitoring). Nucleic acid testing is necessary, no matter from which city tourists enter China, and serum testing is added in some areas and cities. Keeping the virus out of border makes it safer to travel in China.

Inter-provincial Travel Requirements by Places

At present, the inter-provincial travel in China is booming as the whole country is on low-risk infection level. Domestic tourists or expats living in China can travel around China with only a health code. With the local green health code ,  tourists can take planes, trains, ferries, domestic river cruises in China.  There might be some different requirements for each place, you are always welcome to contact us for the latest updates if you have any questions. We're happy to help you out.

Is It Safe to Travel in China?

Is it safe to travel in China now? If you're worried about the COVID-19, you can check the latest news. At present, China has controlled the outbreak very well, and there are plenty of travel restrictions and preventative measures taken for the safety of both Chinese citizens and foreigners. You can see that China is safe for you to travel now, and foreigners in China now can travel in most provinces in China.

It's quite normal that you may have some other concerns when planning your trip, such as natural disasters, road safety, thievery, travel scams, etc. In general, China is really safe for traveling, no matter for solo travelers, female travelers, or families. In China, you can feel safe when walking, eating, or shopping along the streets, even at midnight. However, you should always keep safety the first place in your mind.

The Bund Shanghai
The Bund Shanghai

COVID-19 Policy for Travelers

Because of the epidemic situation in overseas countries, China has not yet opened up the inbound tourism market. If you are in China now, it's available to travel around most provinces in China. Here are some tour information you need to know before traveling.

  • Inbound tourists are required to undergo a 14-day compulsory quarantine, including visitors from Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan.
  • China National Tourism Administration has opened domestic inter-provincial tourism on July 15th, 2020 (except for Xinjiang and some parts of Tibet). Foreigners in China can travel between Chinese provinces with the green health code. TCT can still provide you and your family with group tours and customized private tours.
  • For those who are coming from "high-risk areas", you are required to provide a nucleic acid test certificate and blood test certificate within 7days. A record of travel itinerary will be needed in some places.
  • In accordance with national requirements, China's scenic spots will strictly implement the real-name reservation system, promote time-sharing tour reservations, guide tourists to go out of the peak, and prevent crowds. You have to show your ID card or passport, and your Green Health Code when entering tourist attractions. You can travel with our local professional guides so that you don't have to worry about the strict safety procedures and requirements.
  • Before booking your hotel, you'd better check if the hotel can accept foreigners. Or you can check with us; Top China Travel knows better which hotel to choose. You need to show your Health Code when you arrive at the hotel.
  • At present, many scenic spots, travel agencies, and hotels in China have launched promotional discount activities to help the tourism market recover. Don't worry about your budget.

Road Safety

Road safety must be one of the biggest concerns during your trip. Compared to some other countries, China has a lower road death rate. In recent years, the government has much stricter traffic rules, so that it won't be a high risk when crossing the street. However, you still have to be careful when you cross the road, and make sure you look both ways, no matter you're in your country or China. In some small cities, it might not be as strict as big cities, so that you should watch out even though you see the green lights.

When you take taxis, you should choose licensed taxis, and ensure the meter is on. For your safety, don't take unlicensed taxis. And you'd better check the route on the map so that you know if the driver takes detours on purpose. What's more, take all the belongings when getting off.

High-speed Train

High-speed Train


Foreign travelers are easily tempted as targets for thieves. You'd better not carry too much cash with you. In China, most people use mobile payment. You can still use cash, or you can also try mobile payment. Just remember to keep your wallet well, and be careful when you're in crowds, and some other places like restaurants and stations.

Train stations and metro stations are always flooded with people, and you should keep an eye on your belongings all the time, and make sure your bag is zipped. If you often feel drowsy on the train or metro, it will be a high risk. You should always keep your things close to people who are traveling with you. For those who travel alone, you'd better stay awake so that your valuables won't be stolen.

Shanghai Hongqiao Airport
Shanghai Hongqiao Airport

Travel Safety

No matter which country you travel to, there will be risks and dangers during the trip. As a result, you should always put safety first, especially when you take part in some outdoor activities like mountaineering and white-water rafting. When entering attractions or taking a cruise, it's important to follow the directions from the guide and take care of yourself all the time. Meanwhile, you should watch out for the travel scams. "Tea ceremony scam" must be the most common scam for foreign tourists.

For elders, it's better to have a body check before traveling and listen to your doctor's advice. It's recommended to let your guide know your body conditions, so that you won't get hurt easily during the trip. Don't forget to take some medicines you might need for emergency use. Besides, travel insurance is essential as well. And you should be careful when choosing travel insurance companies.

Mount Huashan

Food Safety

Eating is really an important thing when traveling in China. There are all varieties of delicious food in China, but you may concern about the food safety, as you might have heard some news. Actually, you don't have to worry too much about food in China. It's safe for you to eat in the restaurants, and it's fine to try snacks from the street vendors, just to be sure that the food you order is fresh and well-cooked. When you go around some food streets, don't eat too many oily foods so that your tummy won't get sick. Please feel free to ask us for help if you don't know what to eat in each place, our experienced travel advisors know it better. Or you can have a customized tour with TCT, and our guide will help you with all the arrangements.

Chengdu Hotpot

Chengdu Hotpot

Local Laws

You should always use your common sense. Be aware that some things you do legally in your country might be illegal in China. China has harsh penalties for those who possess or sell illegal drugs, and the laws can apply to foreigners. China is safe for traveling, and you don't have to worry about any gun problems, or violent crimes. In a word, you should obey the laws in China, no matter you are visiting big or small cities.

Top China Travel Cares about Your Safety

Top China Travel is an experienced travel agency in China, with professional travel advisors, local guides and drivers. Don't worry about the planning, we can help you with all the arrangements. Most importantly, we care about your safety, and we will try our best to help you enjoy a hassle-free trip in China. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, and we'd love to help you out.