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Is Chinese people friendly to foreign travelers?

Yes, China now has become one of the most popular destinations in the world. This title tells people that China has been a paradise for tourists to spend vacations.
The tourism industry has been developed rapidly and well. Also, travel service market has been developed well. It is possible to ask road with a stranger in most parts of China. But also, just like all the things may have both sides, some parts of China which may have little development in tourism may be not suitable for foreign travelers to go.
Big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong now become the international cities with lots of foreign residents. Famous travel destinations such as Guilin, Xian, Chengdu, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Yunnan welcome millions of foreign tourists annually.

May be the following words are a little commercial, but I really recommend you to pay a visit to China. Because China is a country with more than 5,000 years history, you could not image how the oriental civilization will be till you see the scenes by yourself.