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How to Rent a Car in Tibet

Rent a car for sightseeing is the best way to travel in Tibet. Tibet Car Rental Tips will give you some tips from the Tibetan car rental processes, model selection, rental price, as well as how to identify regular buses and other aspects to summarizing all aspects of the matters need to pay attention when renting a car.

How to Rent a Car in Tibet
1. Rental Processes
Planning for the line - selecting model of the car - determining the price - sighing contract – traveling
If renters are not in Lhasa, they should book in advance, especially in the tourist season. It is recommended to book at least 10 days in advance, the sooner the better.
2. Appropriate Tour Route
Generally speaking, among all the scenic spots in Tibet, except the attractions in Lhasa city rarely need to charter car, other Tibetan classic or deep tour lines, can be based on individual needs to tailor planning car charter for the tour lines. Suitable tour lines for renting a car: Namsto tour, Shigatse travel, Nyingchi tour and Shannan tour, Chamdo Ranwuhu Lake tour, Ngari north-south line tour and out of Tibet (Tibet to Qinghai, Yunnan, Sichuan) cross-country tours….
3. Choosing Vehicle Model
It can be considered from two aspects: first, from the amount from a number people, different models can accommodate different numbers of passengers. SUVs are generally four to five guests (excluding driver). Tourism commercial vehicles can seat about ten persons. If there are more than 10 people you can consider minibuses or buses. Secondly, the road from the tourist routes also need to be considered, Such as the Mount Everest, Ngari and other areas whose traffic is relatively not very good driving routes, it is recommended to choose SUVs. Other business lines, CMB, buses are basically feasible.
4. Rental Price
Tibet tourism car rental prices are varying with the market demand and supply. In tourism low season, the price is cheaper than peak season, twice high during the peak season or even more. There are differences in the price of different models. It is usually charged by: total distance multiply price per kilometer mileage. Another way is charged by day. 

5. Driver
An experienced coach driver not only to ensure the safety of tourists, but also give lively and in-depth explanation of scenery along the way, and lead us to have a happy tour.
6. Rent Regular Coach
Regular coach’s rental is a little higher than the illegal car price, but it is under a full range of protection. Formal coach not only has driver with a wealth of experience, and also holds a Tourism Bureau official operating license. If disputes or accidents, there are formal complaint channels and related security
7. Rental Contract
Rent regular coaches must sign the rental contract with travel agency. This contract includes the Travel Agency Liability Insurance as well as coaches’ Seat Insurance to protect the interests of the lessee, and be sure to perform this step.
8. Tips during the jounery 
Snack: during the time on the bus, it is not convenient to buy food along the road, you can take some chocolate and biscuits; Drugs: in case of altitude sickness, you can prepare some Rhodiola and plateau peaceful capsules; other: ID card, some cash, camera, hat, sunglasses and so on.