How to Travel by Air in China with Disabilities or Sick Persons

A sick or handicapped person can surely travel by air in China, yet the process of taking a plane need to meet the regulation of different airlines.

The General Regulation

The traveler should submit the certificate of diagnosis issued by the hospital to the CAAC Booking Office and fill the application for handicapped people to take a plane. Do not forget to note the special services (such as stretcher, wheelchairs, oxygen, etc) in the application.
The CAAC Booking Office will notify the case to relevant department of the fight. After getting the consent of these departments, the booking office can sell ticket to the traveler. 
Sometimes, you need to buy more than 2 tickets for a sick or handicapped passenger. For example, if the passenger needs to lie on a stretcher on the plane, airlines have to remove 6 seats in the economy class and fix the stretcher. The sick or handicapped traveler needs to buy 6 tickets.
The sick or handicapped passengers need to be accompanied by health care workers or family members. The service personal of CAAC will assist the sick or handicapped passenger boarding to minimize the pain of the passenger. After boarding, the steward will assist the patient sit or lie with a comfortable position. 
  • Sick passenger or passenger with disabilities is suggested to get to the airport at least 3 hours before departure. So that you have more time to get through boarding process, baggage check-in and security check. Meanwhile, you can take the special situations such as change in departure time in stride.
  • Sick passenger or passenger with disabilities can also have seat request from airlines. for examples, you can ask for handrails aisle seat or accessible seats, sitting together with friends or family members. Passenger with a guide dog or wheelchair user may require the first row of seats of the corresponding class.
How to Travel in China by Air with Wheelchair

How to Travel in China by Air with Wheelchair 

For people travel by air in a wheelchair, you can apply for wheelchair service from China domestic airlines. The airline stewards will help wheelchair users to board and get off the plane.

Usually you can apply for wheelchair service at the airline's information desk at the airport. Then you need to fill out a wheelchair application form and take this form to get your boarding pass. Give it to the staff. They’ll mark it on your flight, which needs a wheelchair. Then you wait for the service personnel to push the wheelchair to the boarding gate and get on the plane. 
After landing, if there is a connection bridge, wheelchair is usually at the gate of for you. If there are stairs, you need to go down the stairs with the companion’s help. And you will have the wheelchair later. 

Here below are the travel tips:

► It is better for you to consult and check with the airline you are going to take for the wheelchair service, as the regulations and application process may be varied. 
► Your manual or electric wheelchair needs to be checked in.
► Wheelchairs for sick or disabled travelers are free to transport and are not counted in the free baggage allowance.
► Passengers who have been agreed to use their own wheelchairs (for example, group wheelchair passengers) for boarding, their wheelchairs must be given to staff for transport at the boarding gate.
► When the electric wheelchair is consigned, its packaging must meet the following requirements: 1) A wheelchair equipped with a leakproof battery must be able to prevent short circuit and the battery is firmly installed in a wheelchair. 2) A wheelchair equipped with a non-leakproof battery, the battery must be removed.

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