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Food and Drink on the Train

On the train in China, food and drink can be purchased on the train. There are 3 ways to buy food on the train: in dining carriage, from the attendants, from vendors in large stations

In Dining Carriage

There are plenty and various kinds of food on the Train. Almost all the trains in China have the dining cars which could provide snacks, dinner, cold drinks to passengers. The price of food do not included in the ticket prices.
Dining Carriage Dining Carriage

Dining Carriage Dining Carriage

From the Attendants

Attendants on the train also sell food and drink in kiosks. The kiosks are well designed that could pass coaches by coaches. And at the platforms, there are also people selling food such as eggs, noodles, snacks and drinks as water, milk, juice, etc. to passengers.

From Vendors in Large Stations

For large stations, there are lots of kiosks on the platform and the train will stay here for 20 to 30 minutes. You can ask the price and compare for the most reasonable ones.


On the train, there is also free hot water in very carriages that you can use your own cup to fetch water.


1. Different train types may offer meals in different level. Generally, meals served on High-speed train will be in a higher level than meals in other train types.
2. The price of food or meal do not included in the ticket prices. If you want to have one, just pay the cash to the attendant and get what you want from the menu on the train.