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Airline E-tickets Booking in China

Brief Introduction of E-ticket

E-ticket, short for electronic ticket, is a kind of ticket that uses for replacing the traditional paper ticket in most airlines of China. The e-ticket includes the information of the flights as well as the information of the passengers who book the ticket from the internet. With the support of modern technology, the booking, payment and check-in services are paperless procedures, and what you need is just a e-ticket. The e-ticket is much more convenient than traditional paper ticket, and you just need to use it in the same way as the paper tickets. Passenger does not need to show the paper ticket but the ID card and order number of the e-ticket 1 hour preflight at the counter of airline, and then he can get the boarding check and get on the air plane, avoiding the awkward when losing or forgetting the paper ticket. 

How to purchase an e-ticket?

Booking: e-ticket can be booked on internet or though phone call. You can find the website of the airline you choose, and booking the e-ticket.
Payment: After booking, you can pay for the e-ticket by cash, bank transfer, check, internet and other methods. The methods of payment may different between different website.
Verification: After the payment, do not forget to verify your e-ticket, because now some people find their tickets are false. You could input the information of e-ticket to the verification column of the website and verify it. It just needs the name of passenger and the number of ticket, and then the system will verify the ticket for you. Notice: if the e-ticket is a used one, it can not be verified. 

How to use the e-ticket?

1, After booking, payment, you will get the information of e-ticket in you mailbox or cell phone.
2, Show your ID card and ticket number to the Electronic ticket counter and get your boarding pass.
3, Pass the security check and board on the airplane. If you need to reimburse the ticket you can get a “Itinerary” as the certificate for reimbursement.

How to refund the e-ticket?

If the e-ticket has not been print out yet, you can refund the ticket according the policy of airlines. If the itinerary has been printed out, the ticket should be refund by the itinerary.