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Before Departure - Destinations for China Travel with Children

For family tour or travel with children in China, recommended destinations will be big cities or hot tourism cities in China with convenient public facilities and friendly locals.


The followings will be good choices in your China family tour planning:

Beijing - big city with convenient transportation and more activities for kids

Friendly to visitor: ★★★★★
Briefing: because of Beijing is one of the largest international hub, it ensures more friendly facilities to foreign travellers. Guide boards with English words, public facilities free to everyone, friendly transportation service staff, all of these will let your China tour with children easily.
Beijing Travel with Children

Activities in Beijing can arranged for children:

Beijing Zoo Panda Hall: if you have time to Chengdu, you can have a family trip to Beijing Zoo to see the lovely giant panda. Giant panda ranks as the top favorable animals among children in China.
Flying a kite in Temple of Heaven Park: flying a kite in Temple of Heaven Park can be a leisure and interesting activity for your whole family.
Interactive course in Hutong: Beijing hutong can offer so many courses for your children to experience such as Chinese painting, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese language, etc.
Xian - ancient capital for your children to see the amazing world heritage
Friendly to visitor: ★★★★★
Briefing: people in Xian arehospitality. And also because of the large number of oversea expats in Xian, this place is so kind towards foreigners.
Xian Travel with Children

Activities in Xian can arranged for children:

Terracotta Warriors: this amazing site can be a memorable place not only for your children but also for you in the lifetime. The historic story of Qin Shi Huang is attractive.
Chinese dumpling making course: learn to make Chinese dumplings as well as enjoy them by cooking it by yourself
Xian City Wall Cycling - biking on the Xian City Wall with your children is great!
Shanghai - international and tolerant of multifil cultures in the world
Friendly to visitor: ★★★★
Briefing: Shanghai is also can titled as a melting pot in the world because of its tolerance of everyone who comes here. While Shanghai is in a comparative high consumption city which may cause so visitors just plan to stay for fewer days than other cities.


Activities in Shanghai can arranged for children:

Shanghai Ocean Aquarium - Shanghai Ocean Aquarium is presently the only aquarium in the world to have a individual display area that displays marine animals from China, especially rare and precious varieties from the popular Yangtze River.
Shanghai Zoo - The Shanghai Zoo offers areas for enjoyment and amusement, opportunities for tourists to improve their understanding of the numerous creatures
Shanghai Children Palace - There are over a hundred hobby groups, like the chorus, folk music, orchestral music, painting, calligraphy, biology, astronomy, etc.
Guilin - scenic place with friendly residents and leisure life
Friendly to visitor: ★★★★★
Briefing: it is easily to se foreign visitors on the street in Guilin. As one of the top tourism cities in China, Guilin is a friendly place which can another hometown of you.

Activities in Guilin can be arranged for children:

Yangshuo countryside biking tour - cycling in the countryside in Yangshuo with your children will be fantastic!
Li River hiking - firstly you need to ensure your children is in a good physical condition
Hong Kong - Disneyland and Ocean Park
Friendly to visitor: ★★★★★
Briefing: no need to introduce too much about Hong Kong, the visa free for so many countries will show its friendly relations with visitors.
Hong Kong Travel with Children

Activities in Hong Kong can be arranged for children:

Hong Kong Disneyland - a fairy land for children to enter into the real cartoon world
Hong Kong Ocean Park - learning and playing together
Chengdu - hometown for Giant Panda
Friendly to visitor: ★★★★★
Briefing: Giant panda here will let your children immediately love this city. With the same leisure life in Guilin, Chengdu is also a paradise of food which may let your whole family have good appetites.
Chengdu Travel with Children

Activities in Chengdu can be arranged for children:

► Chengdu Giant Panda Base - the lovely giant panda from the adult ones to the panda babies will cause your children’s attractions immediately.
Chengdu Teddy Bear Museum - is the world's largest teddy bear museum collecting collection of limited editions of Teddy Bears from all over the world, which passing the Teddy culture of hundreds of years

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