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Civil Aviation Flight Lithium Battery Regulation

With more and more digital products which are equipped with lithium batteries, the lithium battery regulation for China domestic flight is listed as following:

It is prohibited to put lithium batteries in checked baggage
2. Lithium batteries equipped in notebook PCs, mobile phone, digital cameras or some other digital products like that should be packed in your carry-on baggage.
3. At most two spare batteries are allowed to be carried as handed luggage and they should be well preserved to avoid short-circuit

How about the security checking for lithium battery?

A: For digital products security checking, people should take out the big ones such as notebook PCs, ipads, digital cameras, mobile phones, etc. one by one on the security checking procedure.

Why could not put lithium battery inside the checked baggage?

A: Lithium battery will become dangerous if it is put in wet environment. It may set free inflammable gas in water or in wet air. Solid state lithium may autoignition in 180℃. So if the lithium battery is spontaneous ignition on the flight, it will bring a disaster for passengers on the flight. 

How many lithium products I can carry?

A: For the passenger's life safety, it is forbidden to carry more energy than 160 wh (watts) of lithium battery in total per person. The general lithium products of traveler will be mobile phone, notebook PC, digital camera, ipad, etc.
Digital Items
Lithium Battery Energy
Mobile Phone
Notebook PC
Digital Camera
Ipad mini
Digital Single Lens Reflex
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